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I started writing when I was a adolescent rebellious and stubborn it helped free my mind but the day I stopped I then found myself staring at the ceiling of a cell and that was what inspired me to pick up the pen again because that's where it rightfully belonged and to some poetry doesn't mean a thing but to others it means the world it means an exponential amount

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The Beginning

Though we maybe new
With you I enjoy speaking
Know all I tell you it's very true
The inside of your mind I wish to begin seeking
You possess a smile bright as a star
To me you seem oh so close
Your cheerful aura radiant as fire
I thank you for hea...

by Dominick Harvey

added by TravonteX
1 month ago

R.E.M (realizing every moment)

What am I dreaming of,
The morning sun waking to a goddess,
An artful smile kissing a pair of soft lush lips,
As I dream her touch ,her smell is to real,
Before we rise our bodies intertwined
I stretch my hands into her silky hair
Her soft whisper...

by Dominick Harvey

added by TravonteX
1 month ago

Who am I?

I have a question to ask
Who is there to answer it?
Not recalling from which I came
Have I gone insane
I don't know my past
How do I recover with my mind still intact
I don't remember being good nor evil
No memories of truth or false
Images roam i...

by Dominick Harvey

added by TravonteX
1 month ago

Reality realized

These days we people is color by police are canned gang bangers and thugs
But the real bangers and thugs are the ones dressed in various uniforms from head to toe
With guns licensed to kill
Rocking falsified mottos
But the re...

by Dominick Harvey

added by TravonteX
1 month ago

Internal study

What is the epitome of life
What does it entail
Despite my efforts to succeed
Somewhere I know I will always fail
How can it be better if it's something I can't believe
Life itself is an obstacle full of pain and grief
Searching for an easier rout...

by Dominick Harvey

added by TravonteX
5 months ago

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