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I have been writing poetry since age 6. My poem on "The Dew" was showcased at age 9. I am an educator, scientist and love to learn new things.

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When I first met you,
I could barely say your name
But you spoke your oracles
And from heavenly vessel
I heard the message you proclaimed
Like a father who gives
And consul to his daughter
Who he has named
You declared with such innocence
Made m...

by Stacy Dortch

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7 months ago


One day after suffering a great deal
To overcome my hardships
I ran to a field
I was overwhelmed with emotions
That a young girl couldn’t share
Because the people that I needed
Was not there
Finally, I stop when my teary eyes saw
With beautiful d...

by Stacy Dortch

added by stacydortch
7 months ago

Lost Hope

Lost Hope

Full of Pain

Looking For Sunshine

I Got Rain

Looking For Nice Clouds

Instead Got Black and Gray

Seeking Smooth Waters

But I Received A Horrible Day

Almost Died From Sadness

And I Got Abuse

Thought I Get Hug and Kisses

by Stacy Sapp Dortch

added by stacydortch
9 months ago

Black love

Classic beauty
Tightly curled locks
glistening in sun☀️
Unified Eyes connected as one
Crafty build muscles
with copper bronze skin
Beautiful Nubian stallion
And the races they win
Neatly cut taped line
With handsome chisel face
Trimmed goatee

by Stacy Sapp Dortch

added by stacydortch
9 months ago

Blue Love

Vast as a blue ocean
Secrets like blue roses
hot blue flames ignite
sweet as blueberries
yet calm like the skies
Soothing as one looking
into ice blue eyes

by Stacy Sapp Dortch

added by stacydortch
10 months ago

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