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All of your predetermination

Judgement of my situation

Believing I live in procrastination

Or intoxication from the medication

Am I such an aberration

I will not succumb to your allegations

Sit and judge in your congregation

by cfrates

added by Cfrates
8 months ago


In love,
For Love,
My Love

A prodigious word
With gentle touches so pleasant
Strength of we unbreakable
Never obsolescent

A treasured state of mind
Finds Sanctuary in the heart
Nurturing the weathered soul
Always bonding, never apart

by cfrates

added by Cfrates
8 months ago


A murder convenes
Before my eyes
Blackness swirling
Sounds unnerving

Reaching out on nimble limbs
Branches bend and crack
A gathering so ominous
Chills go creeping down your back

by Cassandra Frates

added by Cfrates
8 months ago

Self Dogma

Parishioner of the mind
Sitting in sermon
As Reverend pain preaches
Fragmented truths uncertain
Into the farthest corners he reaches
Dogma and negativity
Self Doubt becomes doctrine
Devout in insecurity

by Cfrates

added by Cfrates
9 months ago

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