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Black Virgin

genetic archive
tantric goddess
fuck bomb
black bitch blond thing

Atlantean garden
like the path of smoke
yielding a dark momentum
licking orifice
lamp of faith
between my legs
Witch Bird
my cock the gum she...

by zebra black

added by 4zebra2u
1 year ago


very cute and pretty
you're so hot
oh yeaha
I feel silly;
am I making a fool of my self
eek i just swallowed my bubblegum,
will it work out?
let me call the psychic hotline ,
let me mop up the blood
and hide the yellow crime...

by zebra black

added by 4zebra2u
1 year ago

Mirror of Tunnels

of blue tunnels
run through arteries of rock
imperceptible blue ball in a black sea of pitchforks
float grizzled faced giants
built out of spectacular cataclysms
in pounded stumps
in eternal night
in intoxicating beauty
careen ragged...

by zebra black

added by 4zebra2u
1 year ago


shape of language
for the secrets of the body
for the secrets of the mind
in the flow of matter
physical and etheric
cyber chronicles
the cult of the...

by zebra black

added by 4zebra2u
1 year ago

Private Video

wild night video
for the dark web
3 Atlean men
and a girl

she got it
by a mob
of Moroccan cock rockets
and will pine
for the rest of her days
screaming to the hells
more more more
in a reimagined...

by zebra black

added by 4zebra2u
1 year ago

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Perhaps we all know death? Remember being before birth? Were we dead then and are we back? Is there conciousness with out time or a body of flesh and blood? Is there just sleep with cyclic awakenings, or is there nothing at all? Do we know anything, or do we just think we do?
Form ...No form
Form ...No form
Form ...No form Are you a sacrificial Aztec princess ???

1 year ago

I like it when you like it ;))))))

1 year ago

Speaking of roller coaster love....
He terrorized her with titillating thrills
as if her body where his fun house and amusement park
of loopty loops and Ferris wheels like an air castle in that little damp cubby hole fantasy of umbra sweet curves marked Venus dreamscape 

1 year ago

That sounds really good Jhain ... I thought about your suicide poem and it alluded yo. (between the lines) the idea of disjuncture or a kind of sensual letting go, dissolution and release. What do u think?

1 year ago

Hi I'm new here but not new to poetry, poetry platforms , both passive and interactive, being published and participating in over a hundred workshops. On that basis I do have some thoughts for what its worth in terms of your desire to create more dynamic engagement, relevance and expansion.

I notice that with in a split second of posting a poem I have been favorited. I love attention but what does it mean if it is produced by a algorithm, and my fan is a cyborg? Do you think this site needs to create frequent and real interaction?

Everyone wants attention, to be read and to be read by someone they respect and whos opinion strikes a chord and that they TRUST. One of the challenges of workshops is that there's lots of inexperienced writers critiquing each other. Its improbable that much is gained except frustration under those circumstances, although being favorited or kind comments by another is always encouraging.

So the question remains how to create a structure to accomplish this if you want it?

Nothing is easy, nothing is perfect. How does one hear criticism without feeling discouraged? Every light casts a shadow, yet with out dynamic interaction and those points of illumination there is only posting into a void and the emotional emptiness that comes with it.
Perhaps these are something's you are already thinking about?
Best Z

1 year ago

ghastly and beautiful

1 year ago

Thank you Jhain
I love to get baited by a poem. I write a lot about death, erotascism ,the sacrificial and felt a possible undertone of that in your poem You've got me wondering if your poem suggests this?
" tell me how she hooked your mind" :)

1 year ago

Is Jane Doe JhainDoh? Like toe tag jewelry with a little kink ? Is that a kind of beauty in death ?

takes the shadowed vow
bride of submission
happy in his hands
falling as silence falls
she spreads like bat wing umbrellas 

1 year ago


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