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If I leave here tomorrow
would you still remember me
have I been just a passing image
or am I something more...

Thru my own insecurities
and many heartaches i have endured
my vision is often blurred
reality and dreams are often...

by Airric

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1 year ago


As I sit and gaze at the setting sun
I can still see your silhouette
but as beautiful as the site mat be
to you it compares to none

I sit outside at nite and
stare at the stars above
I see the twinkle so brightly
as did the eyes of my...

by Airric

added by Airric
1 year ago


When i turn to see
all that was the best of me
I see your face staring back

But when i look
deep inside your eyes
it takes my breath away

How can I feel this way
by just a glance at you
without the slightest...

by Airric

added by Airric
1 year ago

What I want

The sun sets
ending another day
and i grow weary
wanting to lay myself to rest

sleeping a deep sleep
without worry or concern
no pain nor sorrow
waiting, wanting or...

by Airric

added by Airric
1 year ago


Thinking about you makes me wonder
are you for real or just a vision of my imagination
with your hair golden as the sun
and eyes bright as the stars on a dark...

by Airric

added by Airric
1 year ago

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