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Just a 26 year old boy/man/child/future senior. So I love to analyze poetry. I also write every now and then. Like I like to say I've been writing poetry for a long time but I haven't been "writing" poetry. I was removed from life for a while. Oh I also think I've make a great lawyer. I can see it now. The offices of Taco & Bell. Im Taco and my partner would be Drake Bell.

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If dogs could talk

They stare at us
Eyes unwavering looking for an answer
All they see is glass and plastic and cotton
Eager minds lost in a sea they could never cross
Do they wonder of how plastic is made
Molded in to complex shapes
How light does not cast a shado...

by TankTopTaco

added by TankTopTaco
6 months ago

Reflection On Brown Water

If you had eyes
A face too far in blur is what you'd see
As the reflected light of our messy pond is
A world in ponder is what you'd see
One could plant seeds of falsehood on my face
One could feed my imagination
Grow maize to feed my body
Paint t...

by Roberto Rayo

added by TankTopTaco
6 months ago

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This is a hard one to form a good interpretation on. It is a bit too abstract for me. However, I would say that it is about perspectives and how they can be right and wrong at the same time. Sort of like looking at a complex 3d shade but only seeing it from one side so it seems like a 2d shape. On one side, it's a square but on the other, it's a triangle. 

5 months ago

It seems that there is some doubt in Mr. Frost's belief in the divine. It seems since in our world all things dim or die; so will the currency from his god's check will dry up.

5 months ago

The path of gray or gold is worn in the end of day. That's what I got from this poem.

5 months ago


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