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I'm a poet in the making.I write about life experiences.At a young age my writing began.Benton Harbor, Michigan is were I was born and raised.

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Fire & Ice

The knowledge she voice into the earth cools as frost to windows, let it stick With her walks there is a trail of footprints in the deep snow so I never get left behind Her love flashes like lights on a snowy but beautiful Christmas day Every pres...

by Bryan kiser

added by Gloryroad89
12 days ago
The Forgotten

There were a time of them that was once known Life throw a curb ball and sadly they struck out No team or real love to show steps to go up The world is cold as winter, like the eyes that look past in disgust. Humanity! Humanity! We scream, but act...

by Bryan kiser

added by Gloryroad89
16 days ago
The truth

The truth I searched high and low Even the mountain I climb through the thickest snow Something's were unknown to me but my soul have known Life pasted me by the quicker I wanted to be grown Consequences didn't bother, truely I reaped what I sown ...

by Bryan kiser

added by Gloryroad89
17 days ago
Love is like

Love is a stream of water that fulfill your thirst Love is like a gorgeous like a woman who is sweet as honey love is like the calm blue skies Love is like a peace of mind Love is like a reward after battling life so many times Love is like rai...

by Bryan Kiser

added by Gloryroad89
18 days ago
Brighter days

The world has transformed Choas and vain has filled it's cup I look ahead and see the days of dull My brother stay strong for your day is coming Sisters,life your head up the world need your beautiful smile The struggle to survive in the new socie...

by Bryan Kiser

added by Gloryroad89
19 days ago

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