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As one in verse

The moon casts light Of the sun covered above And a world unknown Then it rains down stars Of darkness and light And one walks in the night Upon the waters clear Of a moon in sphere Then they hear Words Of color and fusion Producing children Who h...

by Mark Cloutier

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1 day ago

Awakened by the sun

Awakened by the sun To fall like a star asleep To be covered in the cloth of the moon In a return that comes soon And as the day awakes The night blinds the minds To the truth so soon As we cover the moon With words of endless truth And we go into...

by Mark Cloutier

added by Markcloutier
3 days ago

Of colors and light

The colors fill the mind As the light is void Of darkness in the world As one comes down And lights the minds As the colors fill the earth Like days that came At once and then pass Into a future heard And a past that was seen As it was, green And ...

by Mark Cloutier

added by Markcloutier
4 days ago

In the mind and eye

The day is past And the night falls fast Of a future that comes last We begin again in an end And return the light As stars that fall To both sun and moon That do not move in course And as we are a revolution In words that are endless And the trut...

by Mark Cloutier

added by Markcloutier
5 days ago

The hour falls

The hour falls As time and space fade Into the night As light That covers the sky In both moon and sun As they fade into one In a day and night And then we rise And enter through the gates Of life and then death As the serpents head Turns to face ...

by Mark Cloutier

added by Markcloutier
6 days ago

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