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As the light falls

Colors cover the earth As the light falls Upon the waters azure As a scheme of brilliance Ensues over you It arches across As a primary source And a bow that is shot As an arrow hitting its mark And the life is taken And the dead are remembered Th...

by Mark cloutier

added by Markcloutier
1 day ago
Through the darkness

Light is sent through the darkness And the colors are immense In form and scent In sound and scape As the light is ordered And takes shape It is then placed in a garden In the midst of that which is forbidden It is then eaten As life everlasting A...

by Mark cloutier

added by Markcloutier
1 day ago
As colors are sent

The darkness envelopes the sky As the light rises and falls To the night And time As it fills its volumes As colors are sent Throughout the universe and earth And into a multiverse of words Eternal in a world That circles the minds Of children bir...

by Mark cloutier

added by Markcloutier
2 days ago
Through the eye of light

Through the eye of light Colors rise and fly They ascend in the mind And enter the heart And come down profound They twist and turn Through winding minds That supercede the darkness And pass through the valley Of death and flesh And are resurrecte...

by Mark cloutier

added by Markcloutier
4 days ago
As the mind opens

Cross over to its shore Of light and enlightenment As the mind opens And the world closes its door As the door of perception Opens its doors once more And we enter its gates And follow its way As its master is the sun And it's servant the moon And...

by Mark cloutier

added by Markcloutier
5 days ago

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