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I love writing. I love writing about God and Jesus. And Biblical subject matter like Salvation. I love Jesus. Jesus is my Lord and Saviour. I serve Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh.

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White jealousy to the core/ More precious than ore

1921 the one-sided race war.

White people hated to see black people soar.

It's was a case of jealousy to the core.

Cain killed Abel God said "sin lieth at the door"

Like him they envy us whether we are rich or poor.

by Sharon Brown

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4 months ago

May 10 My Birthday

May 10th.
My day of strength.
I came forth from the womb.
I almost went into my tomb.

I almost died.
But the devil lied.
I got a life saving Transfusion.
Elohim put the devil to confusion.

by Sharon Brown

added by song51074
5 months ago

On This Mother's day

Mother's day
is like no other's day
Only one can give birth
Upon this God created Earth

You were made from Adam's rib
It's amazing the love you give
The man was made first
That doesn't diminish your worth

by Sharon Brown

added by song51074
5 months ago

George Floyd's Death

They killed a man.
They killed a black man.
They Killed a father
Don't you understand?

George Floyd is his name.
Derek Chauvin was to blame.
To him life didn't matter.
It was all A game.

by Sharon Brown

added by song51074
6 months ago

Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Resurrection Sunday

Palm Sunday leads to Good Friday which leads to Resurrection Sunday says the Preacher.
Jesus Christ is mankind's soul keeper.

On Palm Sunday People waved palms and shouted Hosanna.
To Jesus Christ our Heavenly Manna.

by Sharon Brown

added by song51074
6 months ago

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