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A silly Little poem by a silly little lady

I wish this water I’m chugging for my health
Was alcohol to drown myself
To escape the world entirely
To save me from it, and it from me

I’ve ceased to see
the meaning of all
In the expanse of sea
And beauty of fall

Someone take it...

by Linea Ljunggren

added 7 months ago
We picked flowers

We picked flowers
in that burgundy room
Where light cowers
And thought bloom

I whispered to her silken heart
Those pensive eyes in the gloom
Were her mind from mine apart
Was this my doom

Her every movement took my breath away

by Linea Ljunggren

added 1 year ago

soup and fighting
as usual

silent screaming
no one noticing the tears
the blood

"everyone has anxiety"

as usual

by Linea Ljunggren

added 1 year ago

snowflake in early winter
gone in an instant
its beauty forgotten

who wants to be remembered anyways
why cause that pain
whats the point
better to peacefully fade

let me make some impact and be forgotten
so that the spring may shine...

by Linea Ljunggren

added 1 year ago
the snail

this once
i won’t ruin it before it has begun
won’t imagine every possibility

Won’t make reality feel alien

endure my stupidity
my thorns
under the shell, the distrust and self-sabotage
there is a


i´d call it a...

by Linea Ljunggren

added 1 year ago
to hades

Take me to your underground
Give me your pomegranate and let me rest in your darkness
Take me in your arms, whisper in my ear and blanket me in your shadow
Let me feel your velvet hair and hear your silver tongue
Senseless in the dark, you my...

by Linea Ljunggren

added 1 year ago

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