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David Herbert Lawrence
Somewhere the long mellow note of the blackbird Quickens the unclasping hands of hazel, Somewhere the wind-flowers fling their heads back, Stirre...Rate it

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A Brown Study
Edith Nesbit
LET them sing of their primrose and cowslip, Their daffodil-gold-coloured hair, Their bluebells, blue eyes, and white violets, All the pale drea...Rate it

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A Bush Study, A La Watteau
Arthur Patchett Martin
HE. See the smoke-wreaths how they curl so lightly skyward From the ivied cottage nestled in the trees: Such a lovely spot—I really feel that I wou...Rate it

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A Study
Edgar Lee Masters
If your thoughts were as clear as your eyes, And the whole of your heart were true, You were fitter by far for winning, But then that would not be ...Rate it

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A Study (A Soul)
Christina Georgina Rossetti
She stands as pale as Parian statues stand; Like Cleopatra when she turned at bay, And felt her strength above the Roman sway, And felt the aspi...Rate it

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A Study In Feeling
Ellis Parker Butler
To be a great musician you must be a man of moods, You have to be, to understand sonatas and etudes. To execute pianos and to fiddle with success, ...Rate it

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A Study In Gray
Ambrose Bierce
I step from the door with a shiver (This fog is uncommonly cold) And ask myself: What did I give her? The maiden a trifle gone-old, With the head o...Rate it

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A Study in the 'Nood'
Henry Lawson
He was bare—we don’t want to be rude— (His condition was owing to drink) They say his condition was nood, Which amounts to the same thing, we think...Rate it

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In My Study,
William Wilfred Campbell
Out over my study, All ashen and ruddy, Sinks the December sun; And high up over The chimney’s soot cove, The winter night wind has begu...Rate it

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Internal study
Dominick Harvey
What is the epitome of life What does it entail Despite my efforts to succeed Somewhere I know I will always fail How can it be better if it's some...Rate it

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Ode IX: At Study
Mark Akenside
I. Whither did my fancy stray? By what magic drawn away Have I left my studious theme? From this philosophic page, From the problems of the sage, W...Rate it

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Peace. A Study
Charles Stuart Calverley
He stood, a worn-out City clerk — Who'd toil'd, and seen no holiday, For forty years from dawn to dark — Alone beside Caermarth...Rate it

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Study for a Soul
Harry Crosby
the colors have begun to form silvergray with cramoisy and gold into an arrow carved by storm beyond the fear of new and old and where the arrow fi...Rate it

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Study Guide: Returned
Nora Martin
Functions modeling change Hold me down at close range Code my secrets, you’re delusions Rattle my pots and pans Choreograph the arguments Where you...Rate it

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Study Nature
Gertrude Stein
I do. Victim. Sales Met Wipe Her Less. Was a disappointment We say it. Study nature. Or Who Towering. Mispronounced Spelling. She W...Rate it

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Study Of Two Pears
Wallace Stevens
I Opusculum paedagogum. The pears are not viols, Nudes or bottles. They resemble nothing else. II They are yellow forms Composed of curves ...Rate it

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The Congo: A Study of the Negro Race
Vachel Lindsay
I. THEIR BASIC SAVAGERY Fat black bucks in a wine-barrel room, Barrel-house kings, with feet unstable, Sagged and reeled and pounded on the table,...Rate it

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The Demon Of The Study
John Greenleaf Whittier
The Brownie sits in the Scotchman's room, And eats his meat and drinks his ale, And beats the maid with her unused broom, And the lazy lout with hi...Rate it

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The Study and Beauties of the Works of Nature
James Thomson
O Nature! all-sufficient! over all! Enrich me with the knowledge of Thy works! Snatch me to heaven; Thy rolling wonders there, World beyond world, ...Rate it

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The Study In Aesthetics
Ezra Pound
The very small children in patched clothing, Being smitten with an unusual wisdom, Stopped in their play as she passed them And cried up from their...Rate it

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The study of law
Dena Falken Esq.
Discipline Rules Equity Hope These were the reasonsRate it

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To study law
Dena Falken Esq.
Discipline Rules Equity Hope These were the reasonsRate it

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Written At Camberwell, Near London, In The Study Of Mr. Wainwright
Mary Barber
Whilst happily I pass my Hours In Camberwell's delightful Bow'rs; From thence the beauteous Walks survey; Or thro' the fragrant Mazes stray; Or o'e...Rate it

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