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Peace in the Mountains
Angie Holmes
Peace in the Mountains Soft whispers of wind running through her long brown hair. The sun's beaming arms reaching down, touching her copper toned...Rate it

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Peace is a fiction of our Faith
Emily Dickinson
Peace is a fiction of our Faith— The Bells a Winter Night Bearing the Neighbor out of Sound That never did alight. Rate it

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Peace is an Inconspicuous Flower (Dialectic of the Lost V)
kahlo koala
I have yet to find anything as beautiful as a cool Autumn night - feet firmly in the sparsely grassed yard, head back, eyes closed, breathing in ...Rate it

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Peace No More
Coy Day
All I ask when coming home is all is calm and nothing wrong. A Kiss of love; and dinner true. This my wish for me and you. Peace No More, you go...Rate it

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Robert Herrick
Great cities seldom rest; if there be none T' invade from far, they'll find worse foes at home. Rate it

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Shari Marie Robinson
Who is inside of me no one else can see the person who I am striving to evolve to be. Never satisfied trying to expand. My expectations are unreach...Rate it

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Peace of mind
Elizabeth King
Emotions are the way to allow ourselves to feel. Our writings are the way for ourselves to heal. We all have pain and we all have sadness. We even ...Rate it

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Peace Of Mind
Wallace Dean LaBenne
I wanted reasons for happiness. I looked for reasons to smile. I searched for reasons to laugh and dance and prance around a while. I saw a magnif...Rate it

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Peace On Earth
Audra Batson
We started out as friends, sisters, brothers, And even lovers not expecting for our world To be in such turmoil There are brothers and sisters fig...Rate it

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Peace on Earth
Edwin Arlington Robinson
He took a frayed hat from his head, And “Peace on Earth” was what he said. “A morsel out of what you’re worth, And there we have it: Peace on Ea...Rate it

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Peace on Earth
William Carlos Williams
The Archer is wake! The Swan is flying! Gold against blue An Arrow is lying. There is hunting in heaven-- Sleep safe till tomorrow. The Bears...Rate it

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Peace On Earth
Victor Gatenby
We all strive and long for peace, against those that impose warring, endless , mindless acts. Seemingly never to cease. The power, strength, toget...Rate it

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peace poem
Ferdinand Ocampo
Think not lies grip the noble deed the waken man does fight for truth, for life, for love, for creed not evil born at night. Think not the blind th...Rate it

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Peace Poets
Devil Poet
We are a bunch of peace poets We hate war and sing songs of peace Poets of the planet, come and join us Our pens are now much stronger than weapons...Rate it

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Peace Restored
James Shirley
You virgins, that did late despair To keep your wealth from cruel men, Tie up in silk your careless hair: Soft peace is come again. Now lovers...Rate it

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Peace Serene...
Donald Vess
I went inside a forest of hope, I saw all of my fears, rivers flowing next to me, filled with yesterdays tears. From moments found alone, on the...Rate it

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Peace Stands Alone
Angie Holmes
Peace Stands Alone Feet firmly planted in soft sands Ocean waters running to great them Smells of clean, crisp, ocean air rise among the surface ...Rate it

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Peace To the Peoples
Peace to the peoples, No matter where. Iraq, Mexico, Germany, America, Japan, Egypt, Brazil. Peace to the peoples everywhere. Tokyo, Paris, New Yor...Rate it

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Peace to the World
Lindsay George Hall
They die in dust. Men, women, children, Nor know not whence they came, nor why. But they come again in righteous fire And ire of figuration, Wherev...Rate it

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Khalil Gibran
The tempest calmed after bending the branches of the trees and leaning heavily upon the grain in the field. The stars appeared as broken remnants o...Rate it

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Peace! What Do Tears Avail?
Barry Cornwall
PEACE! what do tears avail? She lies all dumb and pale, And from her eye The spirit of lovely life is fading, And she must die! Why look...Rate it

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Peace. A Study
Charles Stuart Calverley
He stood, a worn-out City clerk — Who'd toil'd, and seen no holiday, For forty years from dawn to dark — Alone beside Caermarth...Rate it

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Perfect Peace ( Haiku)
Ajantha Selvarajan
I am gentle breeze I can shake root of trees My good name is PEACE Rate it

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Promise Of Peace
Robinson Jeffers
The heads of strong old age are beautiful Beyond all grace of youth. They have strange quiet, Integrity, health, soundness, to the full They've dea...Rate it

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Pult (Peace, Unity, Love, Truth.)
Nikhil Parekh
A wave of supreme contentment entrenching your soul; permeating your heart with an enchanting rhapsody; even though you were besieged with the most...Rate it

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