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I many times thought Peace had come
Emily Dickinson
I many times thought Peace had come When Peace was far away— As Wrecked Men—deem they sight the Land— At Centre of the Sea— And struggle slacker—b...Rate it

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I. Peace
Rupert Brooke
Now, God be thanked Who has matched us with His hour, And caught our youth, and wakened us from sleeping, With hand made sure, clear eye, and sha...Rate it

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If pain for peace prepares
Emily Dickinson
If pain for peace prepares Lo, what "Augustan" years Our feet await! If springs from winter rise, Can the Anemones Be reckoned up? If night stand...Rate it

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In Peace
John Greenleaf Whittier
A track of moonlight on a quiet lake, Whose small waves on a silver-sanded shore Whisper of peace, and with the low winds make Such harmonies as ke...Rate it

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In Salutation to the Eternal Peace
Sarojini Naidu
Men say the world is full of fear and hate, And all life's ripening harvest-fields await The restless sickle of relentless fate. But I, sweet Soul...Rate it

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In search of Inner Peace...
Joanne Beebe
To reach beyond this life's dimensions Beyond known limits of mind and soul Into the fires of heaven and creation to the place where we become whol...Rate it

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Elias Foukis
Good called on the tempests of Zeus to declare war against Evil. Like a wild beast it rose up to kill evil and from the heights of the Heave...Rate it

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Inner peace
Joshua Fraser
The wind whistle past my ears, Closing my eyes I lose all my fears. The waves crash into the rocks. Out here there is no time on my clock. The sere...Rate it

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Jehovah-Shalom. The Lord Send Peace
William Cowper
(Judges, vi.25) Jesus! whose blood so freely stream'd To satisfy the law's demand; By Thee from guilt and wrath redeem'd, Before the Father's ...Rate it

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Joy and Peace in Believing
John Newton
Sometimes a light surprises The Christian while he sings; It is the Lord who rises With healing in his wings: When comforts are declining, He ...Rate it

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Joy and Peace in Believing
William Cowper
Sometimes a light surprises The Christian while he sings; It is the Lord who rises With healing on His wings; When comforts are declining, He ...Rate it

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just peace
Alan Green 'Guppyman'
if i could have a wish that wish would surely be for peace all over the planet for a world wartorn free I would wish for all the people to come to...Rate it

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Keep the flag of peace and freedom flying in sky free air
Amir Samji
Live in any country patriotism genes are born there It keeps building up through though you are unaware Slowly it becomes parts of your life, the n...Rate it

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Leave You Resting In Peace
Talk abt me, put me down, judge and criticize or as they say throwing all kinds of shade my way Yet I flourish from the hatred and shine bright in ...Rate it

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Let Us Have Peace
Eugene Field
In maudlin spite let Thracians fight Above their bowls of liquor; But such as we, when on a spree, Should never brawl and bicker! These angry word...Rate it

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Lines Written At Norwich On The First News Of Peace
Amelia Opie
What means that wild and joyful cry? Why do yon crowds in mean attire Throw thus their ragged arms on high? In want what can such joy inspire? ...Rate it

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LIve in Peace (Haiku)
Larry Stallings
Where I want to live On a quiet, serene plot For all of my daysRate it

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Love, Joy, Peace
Wallace Dean LaBenne
Love is the flame to vanquish hate The ark of fond regard Benevolence illumined Passion, tender, unmarred Joy is the essence of delight The paradis...Rate it

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Monday Night May 11th 1846 - Domestic Peace
Anne Bronte
Why should such gloomy silence reign; And why is all the house so drear, When neither danger, sickness, pain, Nor death, nor want have entered here...Rate it

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Morning Peace
Arthur Henry Adams
THE sudden sunbeams slant between the trees Like solid bars of silver. moonlight kissed, And strike the supine shadows where they rest Stretc...Rate it

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My Peace Banner
Ashley Laren
I live for peace and I live for love Can we but only compromise And please but don't deny the hope That lives inside each young soul I wish a day o...Rate it

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Night And peace
Edward Rowland Sill
NIGHT in the woods,—night: Peace, peace on the plain. The last red sunset beam Belts the tall beech with gold; The quiet kine are in the fold, ...Rate it

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No peace
Joseph Mark Ippolito
Nirvana, bliss, not a sound, not a hiss Car speeds by Peace Shattered Night shuns day, all noise away! Engines blare, a blaze somewhere Peace A mi...Rate it

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No Peace Of Mind
David Stephens
Girl I can't take the pain any more you're bringing me down And girl I'm not really sure if I can handle you being around Girl you took my heart an...Rate it

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O Sun Of Real Peace
Walt Whitman
O SUN of real peace! O hastening light! O free and extatic! O what I here, preparing, warble for! O the sun of the world will ascend, dazzlin...Rate it

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