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Vaibhav Nagar
The thought which brings tear in our eyes, For those millions of people,who showered their lives. That great day hasn't occured yet at least. When ...Rate it

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Peace treadiies ? Theirs never Peace.
Jeffrey Ayala
My head is empty , with no thought. Emotionless but furiously active. Life is like a composer with no composing. Music notes with no Music. No unde...Rate it

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Peace, Blessed Peace
Edward George Dyson
Here in the flamin' thick of thick of things, With Death across the way, 'n' traps What little Fritz the German flings Explodin' in yer lunch pe'...Rate it

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Alas! So All Things Now Do Hold Their Peace
Henry Howard
Alas! so all things now do hold their peace, Heaven and earth disturbed in nothing. The beasts, the air, the birds their song do cease, The night{:...Rate it

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An Excellent New Song Being The Intended Speech Of A Famous Orator Against Peace
Jonathan Swift
An orator dismal of Nottinghamshire, Who has forty years let out his conscience to hire, Out of zeal for his country, and want of a place, Is come ...Rate it

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Battle For Peace
Deshawn Yeldell
My battle for peace my battle for peace carries on as time release,  whom is a friend and who’s the foe? O o o my soul be bleeding, enemy enemies...Rate it

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Peace throughout and ease by, Ameena Beyah
Ameena Beyah
Peace and the wilderness is in bloom; They look and see the knitting loom. Totally predictive and secretive. The power of Allah ( swt). In awe of ...Rate it

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The Bankrupt Peace-Maker
Vachel Lindsay
I opened the ink-well and smoke filled the room. The smoke formed the giant frog-cat of my doom. His web feet left dreadful slime tracks on the flo...Rate it

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The Peace of Dives
Rudyard Kipling
The Word came down to Dives in Torment where he lay: "Our World is full of wickedness, My Children maim and slay, "And the Saint and Seer and Proph...Rate it

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The Song Of Hiawatha I: The Peace-Pipe
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
On the Mountains of the Prairie, On the great Red Pipe-stone Quarry, Gitche Manito, the mighty, He the Master of Life, descending, On the red crags...Rate it

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Appease on your knees, Will never get peace!
Alexander Rosenkrantz
Long history had taught us. From very early on, Appeasing an aggressor, Will sink you like a stone. And be they hordes of Mongols, or brown shirt...Rate it

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A cold dark cloud comes to envelop me . I wonder, has the time finally come when the sun ceases to exist and I'll see the colors of life no more ...Rate it

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Speak Now For Peace
Vachel Lindsay
Lady of Light, and our best woman, and queen, Stand now for peace, (though anger breaks your heart), Though naught but smoke and flame and drowning...Rate it

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My peace time
Perpetua Aperocho
Woke up early Morning sitting In the rocking Chair having coffee and relaxing. By my glass window I heard Hummingbirds are chirpping Glad to see th...Rate it

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Peace of Mind
RJ Intindola – (Gandolfo) – 1979
Peace of Mind Do what makes you feel alive. Be with people that make you feel alive. Experience sexual encounters that make you feel alive. Go pla...Rate it

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The Garden of Peace
Donka Kristeva
Under a cloud glides a seagull, over the pond flutter wild geese, their squawk, scattered, dispersed sink in the caressing breeze. Red tulips in l...Rate it

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Ode To Peace
William Cowper
Come, peace of mind, delightful guest! Return and make thy downy nest Once more in this sad heart: Nor riches I, nor power pursue, Nor hold forbidd...Rate it

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Monday Night May 11th 1846 - Domestic Peace
Anne Brontë
Why should such gloomy silence reign; And why is all the house so drear, When neither danger, sickness, pain, Nor death, nor want have entered here...Rate it

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Domestic Peace
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Tell me, on what holy ground May domestic peace be found? Halcyon daughter of the skies, Far on fearful wing she flies, From the pomp of scepte...Rate it

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The Gardener LXI: Peace, My Heart
Rabindranath Tagore
Peace, my heart, let the time for the parting be sweet. Let it not be a death but completeness. Let love melt into memory and pain into songs. Let ...Rate it

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- Peace Melodically Playing in Piano Keys -
Miguel V. Melendez Sv
Melodically I stand I don't know when I'll go on tour in my van Unheard album written with this pen Melodically overcoming, playing virtual keys Sq...Rate it

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1914 I: Peace
Rupert Brooke
Now, God be thanked Who has watched us with His hour, And caught our youth, and wakened us from sleeping, With hand made sure, clear eye, and sha...Rate it

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A Friendly Apology For A Certain Justice Of Peace By Way Of Defence Of Hartley Hutcheson, Esq. By James Black-Well, Operator For The Feet
Jonathan Swift
But he by bawling news about, And aptly using brush and clout, A justice of the peace became, To punish rogues who do the same. I sing the man ...Rate it

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A Hymn Of Peace
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Angel of Peace, thou hast wandered too long! Spread thy white wings to the sunshine of love! Come while our voices are blended in song, - Fly to ou...Rate it

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A Maxim Of Peace
Martin Farquhar Tupper
Never have regrets, brother, But for sake of sin; The treacherous heart within All too soon forgets, brother, How it felt, and was, in thought, Act...Rate it

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