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A Song Of Low Degree
Michael Fairless
Lord, I am small, and yet so great, The whole world stands to my estate, And in Thine Image I create. The sea is mine; and the broad sky Is mine in...Rate it

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And Wilt Thou Weep When I Am Low?
George Gordon Lord Byron
And wilt thou weep when I am low? Sweet lady! speak those words again: Yet if they grieve thee, say not so-- I would not give that bosom pain. My ...Rate it

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Annie Of Tharaw. (From The Low German Of Simon Dach)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Annie of Tharaw, my true love of old, She is my life, and my goods, and my gold. Annie of Tharaw, her heart once again To me has surrendered in...Rate it

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Death Stands Above Me, Whispering Low
Walter Savage Landor
Death stands above me, whispering low I know not what into my ear: Of his strange language all I know Is, there is not a word of fear. Rate it

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How many times these low feet staggered
Emily Dickinson
How many times these low feet staggered— Only the soldered mouth can tell— Try—can you stir the awful rivet— Try—can you lift the hasps of steel! ...Rate it

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It Dropped So Low -- In My Regard --
Emily Dickinson
It dropped so low -- in my Regard -- I heard it hit the Ground -- And go to pieces on the Stones At bottom of my Mind -- Yet blamed the Fate that ...Rate it

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It dropped so low in my regard
Emily Dickinson
It dropped so low in my regard I heard it hit the ground, And go to pieces on the stones At bottom of my mind; Yet blamed the fate that frac...Rate it

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Loud And Low In The Chimney
Robert Louis Stevenson
LOUD and low in the chimney The squalls suspire; Then like an answer dwindles And glows the fire, And the chamber reddens and darkens In time like ...Rate it

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Low at my problem bending
Emily Dickinson
Low at my problem bending, Another problem comes— Larger than mine—Serener— Involving statelier sums. I check my busy pencil, My figures file away...Rate it

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Low Barometer
Robert Seymour Bridges
The south-wind strengthens to a gale, Across the moon the clouds fly fast, The house is smitten as with a flail, The chimney shudders to the blast....Rate it

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Low in the Grave He Lay
Robert Wadsworth Lowry
Low in the grave He lay, Jesus my Savior, Waiting the coming day, Jesus my Lord! Up from the grave He arose, With a mighty triumph over His foes, ...Rate it

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Low tide at st. andrews
Emily Pauline Johnson
(NEW BRUNSWICK) The long red flats stretch open to the sky, Breathing their moisture on the August air. The seaweeds cling with flesh-like fing...Rate it

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Low-Anchored Cloud
Henry David Thoreau
Low-anchored cloud, Newfoundland air, Fountain-head and source of rivers, Dew-cloth, dream-drapery, And napkin spread by fays; Drifting meadow...Rate it

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Edna St. Vincent Millay
These wet rocks where the tide has been, Barnacled white and weeded brown And slimed beneath to a beautiful green, These wet rocks where the tide w...Rate it

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Soft, Low and Sweet
Johannes Carl Andersen
Soft, low and sweet, the blackbird wakes the day, And clearer pipes, as rosier grows the gray Of the wide sky, far, far into whose deep Th...Rate it

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Song. Low hung the dark clouds
Amelia Opie
LOW hung the dark clouds on Plinlimmon's tall peak, And slowly, yet surely, the winter drew near; When Ellen, sweet Ellen, a tear on her cheek, Exc...Rate it

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Sonnet 69: Oh Joy, Too High For My Low Style
Sir Philip Sidney
Oh joy, too high for my low style to show: Oh bliss, fit for a nobler state than me: Envy, put out thine eyes, lest thou do see What oceans of d...Rate it

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Sonnet XL: On the Low Margin
Mary Darby Robinson
On the low margin of a murm'ring stream, As rapt in meditation's arms I lay; Each aching sense in slumbers stole away, While potent fancy form'd a ...Rate it

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Sweet And Low
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Sweet and low, sweet and low, Wind of the western sea, Low, low, breathe and blow, Wind of the western sea! Over the rolling waters go, Come from t...Rate it

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Swing high and swing low
Eugene Field
Swing high and swing low While the breezes they blow - It's off for a sailor thy father would go; And it's here in the harbor, in sight of the sea,...Rate it

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The Low Sky
Robinson Jeffers
No vulture is here, hardly a hawk, Could long wings or great eyes fly Under this low-lidded soft sky? On the wide heather the curlew's whistle Die...Rate it

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The Low-Down White
Robert William Service
This is the pay-day up at the mines, when the bearded brutes come down; There's money to burn in the streets to-night, so I've sent my klooch to to...Rate it

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The sky is low, the clouds are mean,
Emily Dickinson
The sky is low, the clouds are mean, A travelling flake of snow Across a barn or through a rut Debates if it will go. A narrow wind complains all ...Rate it

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To Will H. Low
Robert Louis Stevenson
Youth now flees on feathered foot Faint and fainter sounds the flute, Rarer songs of gods; and still Somewhere on the sunny hill, Or along the wind...Rate it

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Whirlpools within Low Key Shots
Xiaoyuan Yin
Exclusive recipe for ‘BRONZE’: a dipsomaniac kookaburra + a bloodthirsty bat + wastelands, lagoons, and mountain ranges: 30 mg metallic luster was ...Rate it

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