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Robinson Jeffers
Man, introverted man, having crossed In passage and but a little with the nature of things this latter century Has begot giants; but being taken up...Rate it

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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Alone I climb the steep ascending path Which leads to knowledge. In the babbling throngs That hurry after, shouting to the world Small fragments of...Rate it

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Milo Bieder
Science is, The seach for truth, The love of the world, The energy of humanity, The food of industry, The bain of ignorance, Precious, Painful, And...Rate it

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A Bit Of Science
Ambrose Bierce
What! photograph in colors? 'Tis a dream And he who dreams it is not overwise, If colors are vibration they but seem, And have no being. But if Tyn...Rate it

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A science—so the Savants say
Emily Dickinson
A science—so the Savants say, "Comparative Anatomy"— By which a single bone— Is made a secret to unfold Of some rare tenant of the mold, Else peris...Rate it

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Broken Science
Desmond Sheehan
Someone wise told me complacency breeds indifference Another wise man said indifference was far worse then dislike or anger I do the math I loo...Rate it

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Fooled by Science (2003)
Doug Hall
If church bells ring, or when choir girls sing, then they will have stumbled while the others most surely will have crumbled. Le...Rate it

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Hymn to Science
Mark Akenside
Science! thou fair effusive ray From the great source of mental day, Free, generous, and refin'd! Descend with all thy treasures...Rate it

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Lectures to Women on Physical Science
James Clerk Maxwell
I. PLACE. -- A small alcove with dark curtains. The class consists of one member. SUBJECT. -- Thomson’s Mirror Galvanometer. The lamp-light fall...Rate it

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Living Science
Leonard N. Cross
Inner-city spring snow recedes As if one of the "Seven Veils" Of Salome's dance was removed, And we wait . . . forget one more veil. . . . Not to ...Rate it

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Science is the thinking process on something
Amir Samji
Science is the thinking process on something Science is the thinking process on something As Science doesn't believe in unseen things Strange it d...Rate it

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Science Proclaims
Kurt Philip Behm
The Self Free Will And Love —the three grand illusions of life (Villanova Pennsylvania: March, 2019)Rate it

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Science-fiction Cradlesong
Clive Staples Lewis
By and by Man will try To get out into the sky, Sailing far beyond the air From Down and Here to Up and There. Stars and sky, sky and stars Ma...Rate it

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Sonnet- To Science
Edgar Allan Poe
Science! true daughter of Old Time thou art! Who alterest all things with thy peering eyes. Why preyest thou thus upon the poet's heart, ...Rate it

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Spatial Science
Chris Curasi
Nestled uncomfortably in a small desk-chair as the pretty students enter the room engaged in sophomoric conversations I sit away from the class, ag...Rate it

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The Horrid Voice Of Science
Vachel Lindsay
'There's machinery in the butterfly; There's a mainspring to the bee; There's hydraulics to a daisy, And contraptions to a tree. 'If we could ...Rate it

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The Power of Science
James Brunton Stephens
“All thoughts, all passions, all delights, Whatever stirs this mortal frame.” Are but the legacies of apes, With interest on the same. How oft in ...Rate it

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The Science Club
Robert Fuller Murray
Hurrah for the Science Club! Join it, ye fourth year men; Join it, thou smooth-cheeked scrub, Whose years scarce number ten Join it, divines most ...Rate it

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