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Odey-Agba Itite Emmanuel
Without them there will be no us. Our existence their pride and joy. Our happiness their concern and satisfaction. Our mistakes their blames and wo...Rate it

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Kev Green
What is a shoulder it's something to cry on, What is a Mother, she's one to rely on. What is a Father, a man of solution. The people you turn to fo...Rate it

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A New Temperance Poem, in Memory of My Departed Parents, Who Were Sober Living & God Fearing People
William Topaz McGonagall
My parents were sober living, and often did pray For their family to abstain from intoxicating drink alway; Because they knew it would lead them as...Rate it

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always smile says parents
Gautam Gigoo
smile smile smile always smile say our elders with love in their heart for us only we dont care because of hurry we should see and feel their pain ...Rate it

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An Ode To My Parents
Priscilla Catherine Pena
One thing I am proud of is my dad, He will always be the best father I ever had, My mom taught me to be very smart, Nothing can make my mom and me ...Rate it

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An Ode to Parents[Haiku]
Sun Ra
Honor thy mother Treat your parents with respect Honor thy father By: ©William J Dorsey Jr. (Copyright) October 27, 2013Rate it

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blessful sweet hearted parents
Gautam Gigoo
blessful sweet hearted parents they are soul of god send by him for children one day a child going out bowed infront of his parents ate sweets from...Rate it

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Childhood Love For His Parents
Victor Noble-child Nama
Falling in heart with Icons of Mary loves Joseph loves her. My primary school books from the Library: Joseph and Mary goes to school together Josep...Rate it

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Concerns Of Elderly Parents
Ehsan Sehgal
Today We are parents Tomorrow You will be parents We did our utmost best We played, worked, looked after For your pleasure For your happiness For y...Rate it

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Concerns Of Elderly Parents
Ehsan Sehgal
Today We are parents Tomorrow You will be parents We did our utmost best We played, worked, looked after For your pleasure For your happiness For y...Rate it

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Elderly parents longing for love!
Kanniappan Kanniappan
Skin shrinking, physique thinning Both eyes vision fading - black colored Hair getting grey, walking unsteady, Getting older longing for love! 1 S...Rate it

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FROM YOUR PARENTS (Poem #537) (A Greeting Card)
Jean Gorney
No matter how old we get We can still be sweethearts So don't forget your honey And fill up their loving carts We may have moved to Florida Bu...Rate it

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Godly Parents
Nikhil Parekh
You were the ones who cared for me; sacrificed the most minutest of your belongings to see me blossom till times beyond eternity, You were the on...Rate it

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long live parents
Gautam Gigoo
oh parents soul of god you are seeing children smiling you smile from heart when are sad you cry from heart bless you dear parents long live parent...Rate it

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My parents
Devil Poet
My parents They teach you to walk They teach you to talk They teach you to sing They teach you to dance They teach you to work They teach you to pl...Rate it

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hazel Shirley
No matter they are far or near, They accept you to be most dear. No matter they are couple or single, Always help them to unite and mingle. All th...Rate it

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Parents stop training your children to be prostitutes.
Merilyn J Duckworth
I sit back and look at how things are going on in this world. Our children are suffering because we have put them in a hurled. We wonder why they...Rate it

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Parents to be
Taleshia G MCcray
I will love to be a parents to be. I don't want my kids grow up with out a dad. will you stay in are kids life? heard there's a new little angel on...Rate it

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Parents, Grandparents, and Your Young Children
Lisa Ann Wilson Heath
Parents, grandparents, and your little children; Parents and grandparents, ple as e cheristhe little children in your lives Raise them well, lov...Rate it

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Sans Parents, Sans Amis
Andre Marie de Chenier
Sans parents, sans amis et sans concitoyens, Oublié sur la terre et loin de tous les miens, Par les vagues jeté sur cette île farouche, Le doux nom...Rate it

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Some Children Shock Their Parents
Wallace Dean LaBenne
Some children shock their parents by growing up absurd. They manifest uniqueness before they speak a word. Marie, a future chemist, drew unanimous...Rate it

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To My Parents
Brian J Cheville
salty tears falling for you with the oceans water so blue the hot sun up in the sky oceans so wet yet so dry swaying to a peaceful sleep dreaming a...Rate it

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To My Parents!
Divya Nishant Ranote
Even at stage of nirvana I would like to be their sonRate it

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Jon Otano
Seen them going back and forth One would scream other complain Things started getting serious Decisions will be made. My parents got a divorce Har...Rate it

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your smile is precious ( parents )
Gautam Gigoo
oh dear blessful parents your smile is precious to us very precious more then a jewel you are real jewel beautiful souled parents love you god bles...Rate it

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