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God's Hands
Wallace Dean LaBenne
God must use a billion ears to hear every request God must dry a billion tears by doing what is best God must use a billion eyes to see a world of...Rate it

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Hands All Round
Alfred Lord Tennyson
First pledge our Queen this solemn night, Then drink to England, every guest; That man’s the best Cosmopolite Who loves his native country best. Ma...Rate it

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Hands Clinched Tight
Lee Optional Green
Down on my knees with my head bowed low Hands clinched tight and my eyes are closed I pray to god from this hallowed land Without a doubt knowing h...Rate it

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Hands High
Shon White
Just when you think we're getting past it... We're going right back at it Like a nightmare that you thought was gone It reappears like it was magic...Rate it

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Hands Of A Friend
Rohan Harrison
Life is a fountain of uncertainty An environment of inhumanity, Caused by people with no discretion For the welfare of the nation. Amicably they so...Rate it

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Hands of Change
Animus Vox
Hands of change Slowly turning, slowly fading Until the end And I don't want this Sudden rage, As I watch you disappear Sudden hurt Written on a fa...Rate it

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William Henry Ogilvie
Hands! Gentle Hands! When the Field at covert stands, When your four-rear-old is sweating, Foamed and fidgety and fretting As a stray hound jum...Rate it

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Helping Hands
Charles Smale
Let us few employ our hearts and In good conscience take a stand To free a child unto poverty born Across the ocean reach out our helping hands To...Rate it

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Her Beautiful Hands
James Whitcomb Riley
Your hands--they are strangely fair! O Fair--for the jewels that sparkle there,-- Fair--for the witchery of the spell That ivory keys alone can tel...Rate it

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Her Hands Are Now Full
Kassandra M. Konecny
She sits alone, the warm sand is all that understands that her hands are empty. Oceans are seen for miles around, and this ground is the only optio...Rate it

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Hold your mad hands
Robert Southey
Hold your mad hands! for ever on your plain Must the gorged vulture clog his beak with blood? For ever must your Niger's tainted flood, Roll to ...Rate it

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Huge Universe Hands Operates Sun's Doors(Double Haiku ~ Revised)
Nick Adegwe-Oshomah
Huge Universe hands, At dawn, slams Sun's doors open For HOPES FILLED new day. Huge Universe hands, At dusk, slams sun's doors shut Sends mankind ...Rate it

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I felt my life with both my hands
Emily Dickinson
I felt my life with both my hands To see if it was there— I held my spirit to the Glass, To prove it possibler— I turned my Being round and round ...Rate it

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I Wrung My Hands
Anna Akhmatova
I wrung my hands under my dark veil. . . "Why are you pale, what makes you reckless?" -- Because I have made my loved one drunk with an astringent ...Rate it

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If These Hands Could Talk
Kendra Englehart
If these hands could talk, Oh, the stories they could tell. They would tell stories of Love and Laughter, Stories of Heartache and Tears. If these ...Rate it

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In Thy Hands
Gino Vallejo
Seeing and believing, ...The world is thine, In the hands of time Seething and deceiving, Love is lost And bound to no avail, ...But found over a ...Rate it

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Into Their Hands
Kurt Philip Behm
Dreams, like orphaned water lilies, float across the surface Ferrying my last token wish, adrift—this silver pond The swans make way, as faith gl...Rate it

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Just as He spoke it from his Hands
Emily Dickinson
Just as He spoke it from his Hands This Edifice remain— A Turret more, a Turret less Dishonor his Design— According as his skill prefer It perish,...Rate it

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Let me be thy hands
Paul weller
Let me be thy hands and feet Lord let me be thy heart Strengthen me my Lord my all help me do my part Hold close me Father God as I do your will H...Rate it

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My hands
Haunted Memories
My hands know how to love a lady, Touching her just right and driving her crazy. They know how to build many things, From the back deck to the swin...Rate it

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My hands clasped under a veil
Anna Akhmatova
My hands clasped under a veil, dim and hazy… 'Why are you so pale and upset?' That’s because I today made him crazy With the sour wine of regret. ...Rate it

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My Mother's Hands
Neil McLeod
My Mother's Hands The photographs were taken by Paul Lynch and Susie Wright. At ninety three, a photograph of my mothers hands was used to decor...Rate it

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Nature that Washed Her Hands in Milk
Sir Walter Raleigh
Nature, that washed her hands in milk, And had forgot to dry them, Instead of earth took snow and silk, At love's request to try them, If she a...Rate it

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Allawy Mian
If you’re a giver, remember to learn your limits. Because the takers fucking won’t. And why should they? When your silence and inaction condones. ...Rate it

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Our Hands Have Met
William Morris
Our hands have met, our lips have met Our souls - who knows when the wind blows How light souls drift mid longings set, If thou forget'st, can I fo...Rate it

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