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amazing grace
mary alice jerkins williams
As a child I grew up with amazing grace my mama was a christian woman my daddy was a christian man mama was the singer of the family waking up to...Rate it

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Angel’s grace
Amber Smith
ANGEL'S GRACE Playful bundle of joy, cooing happiness, squirming in delight raises her hand to play, with the shadow, over her crib, soft clo...Rate it

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Another Grace For A Child
Robert Herrick
Here a little child I stand Heaving up my either hand; Cold as paddocks though they be, Here I lift them up to Thee, For a benison to fall On our m...Rate it

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Beauty, Wonder, and Grace
Emily Miller
Through the yellow black-eyed susans She chases the bumble bees I look on and realize She has not born the brunt of their sting Nor the pain that b...Rate it

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But for the Grace of God
Edwin Arlington Robinson
“There, but for the grace of God, goes…” There is a question that I ask, And ask again: What hunger was half-hidden by the mask That he wore the...Rate it

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By Grace Are Ye Saved
Daniel Webster Moody
In grace the holy God Did full salvation plan, Electing in His sovereign grace To save rebellious man. Refrain By grace are ye saved thro’ faith,...Rate it

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By The Grace Of God
Nikhil Parekh
Live like an grandiloquent eagle; soaring handsomely through the vivaciously bubbling crimson clouds, Live like the mountains basking in the glor...Rate it

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Coup de Grâce
Hunter Workman
Even now, I think of her without end, for I loved her once, and she loved me too. But do not think me weak, nor foolish, friend, if her heart, desp...Rate it

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Don't Say Grace
Wallace Dean LaBenne
Don't say grace before you dine Just make God a guest Set a place with sparkling wine Serve the very best Don't say grace before you dine Just mak...Rate it

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Excessive Grace
Stephen Colley
There is a graceful energy in things In all things waits some future force Some lingering trace of unused life Some great, excessive grace There is...Rate it

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Fountain of Never-Ceasing Grace
Augustus Montague Toplady
Fountain of never ceasing grace, Thy saints’ exhaustless theme, Great object of immortal praise, Essentially supreme; We bless Thee for the gloriou...Rate it

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Francine a si bonne grace
Jean Antoine de Baif
Francine a si bonne grace, Elle a si belle la face, Elle a les sourcis tant beaux, Et dessous, deux beaux flambeaux, De qui la clarté seréne Tout h...Rate it

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Friendship's Grace
Inge Meldgaard
My soul cries an eternity in search of the peace only you can give. Oh my sweet, sweet friend, When first you spoke to me I knew our time had come...Rate it

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God of Mercy, God of Grace
Henry Francis Lyte
God of mercy, God of grace, Show the brightness of Thy face: Shine upon us, Saviour, shine, Fill Thy church with light Divine; And Thy saving h...Rate it

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God's Delicate Grace
Ian Sawicki
Poetry slips out of its hiding place, Soft rhythm dances across gentle prose, Love steals a kiss from God's delicate grace While Angels swap their ...Rate it

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God's grace.
Elizabeth King
Tears flowing down my cheek. Wondering how I can ever speak. Uttering words, that just feel weak. In a whirl my mind begins to spin. Hoping his fo...Rate it

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Grace And Grandeur
Wallace Dean LaBenne
Her undulating movement is grace personified a flexuous improvement in beauty reified. Her angelic flutter swing is celestial ballet a gossamer fa...Rate it

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Grace And Love
George Meredith
Two flower-enfolding crystal vases she I love fills daily, mindful but of one: And close behind pale morn she, like the sun Priming our world with ...Rate it

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Grace and Providence
William Cowper
Almighty King! whose wondrous hand Supports the weight of sea and land; Whose grace is such a boundless store, No heart shall break that sighs f...Rate it

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Grace At Evening
Edgar Albert Guest
For all the beauties of the day, The innocence of childhood’s play, For health and strength and laughter sweet, Dear Lord, our thanks we now repeat...Rate it

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Grace Before Song
Ezra Pound
Lord God of heaven that with mercy dight Th'alternate prayer wheel of the night and light Eternal hath to thee, and in whose sight Our days as r...Rate it

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Grace Darling
William Topaz McGonagall
As the night was beginning to close in one rough September day In the year of 1838, a steamer passed through the Fairway Between the Farne Islands ...Rate it

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Grace for a child
Robert Herrick
Here, a little child, I stand, Heaving up my either hand: Cold as paddocks though they be, Here I lift them up to thee, For a benison to fall On ou...Rate it

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Grace Is Breath
Daniel Millard
Grace In my mind Made most simple is Breath Every single moment of Life Is each Inhale and Relaxing exhale This to me is GraceRate it

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Grace Jennings Carmicheal
Henry Lawson
I hate the pen, the foolscap fair, The poet’s corner, and the page, For Grief and Death are written there, In every land and every age. The poets s...Rate it

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