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King kObOkO
Nakedness is... before us. What do you see? Hair, breasts & vulva. Muscles & penis. Beyond this reflection, What can we see? Brain, heart & liver B...Rate it

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Popcorn, Glass Balls, and Cranberries
Vachel Lindsay
I. THE LION The Lion is a kingly beast. He likes a Hindu for a feast. And if no Hindu he can get, The lion-family is upset. He cuffs his wife and...Rate it

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Portsmouth's Looking Glass
Lord John Wilmot
Methinks I see you, newly risen From your embroider'd Bed and pissing, With studied mien and much grimace, Present yourself before your glass, To v...Rate it

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Shattered glass
Macanthony Canady
I once was whole ,complete and powerful withstanding lifes scars My peers saw the greatness in me because it attended every decision by far Then c...Rate it

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Shot glass
Haunted Memories
d*mn it's been a sh*tty week Tonight after the kids go to sleep I'm drinking it all off my mind Not looking back leaving it all behind I'll d...Rate it

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Smudged Glass
Dawnya Hiner
Hiding from myself and all those around me Looking thru a blurry window and unable to see Over thinking and smudging the lines Struggling more as t...Rate it

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Sonnet 22: My glass shall not persuade me I am old
William Shakespeare
My glass shall not persuade me I am old So long as youth and thou are of one date; But when in thee Time's furrows I behold, Then look I death my d...Rate it

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Sonnet XXXIV: The Dark Glass
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Not I myself know all my love for thee: How should I reach so far, who cannot weigh To-morrow's dower by gage of yesterday? Shall birth and death, ...Rate it

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Soulless in the Glass
I'm looking at this thing in front That's standing in the glass. It mimics me as though it knows Each move that I will pass. Inside its head is emp...Rate it

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Stained Glass
Susan Wall
We are as stained glass Many pieces are broken and cut When all apart there is nothing, but a mess As the artist looks and creates each piece to fi...Rate it

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Stained Glass Heart
Kyle Woolley
Have you ever held a heart as it breaks shatters under the weight of the most genuine of apologies. Have you ever had to tell her you can't be, no...Rate it

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Teardrops on a Glass Pipe
Thomas W. Case
Sometimes, on rainy days I stare out the windows; the shadows play tricks. I see happier times, when we were decent to each other. Yellow flowers, ...Rate it

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The Big Glass Window
BlackAngel Evo
Been staring out the big glass window Wodering what would happen If i had to take a leap Straight to the bottom Would i just fall and die Or would...Rate it

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The Blue Glass Jar
Inge Meldgaard
Vicks VapoRub jar; Blue glass from a bygone time, Such simple beauty, Discarded in their millions, Now treasure in my window. NOTE: This style of ...Rate it

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The Cheval-Glass
Thomas Hardy
Why do you harbour that great cheval-glass Filling up your narrow room? You never preen or plume, Or look in a week at your full-length figure - Pi...Rate it

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The Colored Glass
Kurt Philip Behm
I write for me, and not for you The world I see —this inner hue (Villanova Pennsylvania: February, 2018)Rate it

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The Empty Glass
Henry Lawson
THERE ARE three lank bards in a borrowed room— Ah! The number is one too few— They have deemed their home and the bars unfit For the thing that the...Rate it

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The Glass
Shattered on the floor. It fell from my door. Unknown reasons made it brake, As it trembled at my wake. I can't say whether I was dreaming, But the...Rate it

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The Glass bridge
Larry Lowry
I saw my love on the glass bridge.She was looking so lovely .Then i saw a large rock in the sky.It was falling and falling i ran and ran i screamed...Rate it

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The Glass Factory
Eric 'The Mad Hadder' Melton
I never want to lose you I split heaven and it's deadened By lights so splendid I don't want to lose you I drink the devils venom and Bequest my e...Rate it

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The Glass Of Beer
James Stephens
The lanky hank of a she in the inn over there Nearly killed me for asking the loan of a glass of beer: May the devil grip the whey-faced slut by th...Rate it

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The Glass On The Bar
Henry Lawson
Three bushmen one morning rode up to an inn, And one of them called for the drinks with a grin; They'd only returned from a trip to the North, ...Rate it

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The Hour-glass
Robert Herrick
That hour-glass which there you see With water fill'd, sirs, credit me, The humour was, as I have read, But lovers' tears incrystalled. Which, as t...Rate it

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The Lady who offers her Looking-Glass to Venus
Matthew Prior
VENUS, take my votive glass: Since I am not what I was, What from this day I shall be, Venus, let me never see. Rate it

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The Lady's Looking-Glass
Matthew Prior
Celia and I the other Day Walk'd o'er the Sand-Hills to the Sea: The setting Sun adorn'd the Coast, His Beams entire, his Fierceness lost: And, on ...Rate it

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