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Girl of glass
Molly Arnold
She is like glass in the way she shines, in the way she shatters, When she's around you don’t see her cracks you don’t see she’s close to breaking,...Rate it

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Glass Bangles
Syed Mudasir
Dreaming of glass bangles behind the pearl of love, Mumtaz! The beloved swallowed all the words. Where she rests with her love. Thousands everyd...Rate it

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Glass House (The Hunger)
Alanna LaCour
Lovely and as light as lace, Sickened by the thought to taste. Echoes fill the womb, Forgotten like the Pharaoh's tomb. Mind over matter, Hey mind....Rate it

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Glass Houses
Kurt Philip Behm
Stopping just short of judgment, his mind took a leap Whose soul rose as substance now ready to speak Words before never uttered or spoken ...Rate it

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Glass Houses
Kurt Philip Behm
Closeted belief… atheist’s disguise Slings and arrows, boomerang’s surprise Empty of graces, desperate to fill Shot through the heart —their s...Rate it

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Glass of Champagne
Philip Smith
Through crystal clear, hues of yellow green catch the rim. Shimmering and bubbling quickly to the top; a quiet explosion. Wafts of yeast, apples an...Rate it

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Glass Of love
Nikhil Parekh
When I drank water in a glass of composite mud; the liquid tasted ravishing; with my reflection wavering erratically in it, However it contained ...Rate it

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Glass Prison
Shanita Taylor
If you ever feel down Lost or frightened or if you daren't make a sound Play this sweet lullaby For I am with you darling please don't cry I'll wip...Rate it

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Glass Reborn
James Dylan
Spotless Crystal The desire of my impatient hand You hold my golden water of life As you lay their unbroken Untouched by dirty hands You sparkle a...Rate it

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Heart of Glass
Satyender Yadav
I look at my heart, All I see is a glass, Clear and transparent as it can be, Just like any glass, Look closely and you will see, All dirt on this ...Rate it

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Her Glass.
Robert Crawford
Her glass yet holds, or seems to hold her! But now she visioned herself here; Her glass spoke truth, and fondly told her What a man might, a man's ...Rate it

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Hour-Glass And Bible
William Lisle Bowles
Look, Christian, on thy Bible, and that glass That sheds its sand through minutes, hours, and days, And years; it speaks not, yet, methinks, it say...Rate it

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I am a Wine Glass
Kumar Kamal
Recoils she in shyness Take I a step back to resist Please make me complete I am a wine glass I need you wine always filled! Especially in the Octo...Rate it

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I Built Myself a House of Glass
Edward Thomas
I built myself a house of glass: It took my years to make it: And I was proud. But now, alas! Would God someone would break it. But it looks too m...Rate it

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I Look Into My Glass
Thomas Hardy
I LOOK into my glass, And view my wasting skin, And say, "Would God it came to pass My heart had shrunk as thin!" For then...Rate it

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In The Looking Glass
Kurt Philip Behm
I would look through the window at feeble old men and secretly smirk and secretly pity Now the window looks back and its message is clear that old...Rate it

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Look Into The Looking Glass
Wallace Dean LaBenne
Look into the Cajon Pass. This is worth a dare. Look into the ocean bass. This is bill-of-fare. Look into the panic grass. This is mere despair. ...Rate it

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Looking Glass
Alfredo Ignacio Arroyo
In the looking glass All is perfect everywhere you go In the looking glass Everything is beautiful yet no one seems to know In the looking glass Th...Rate it

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Looking-Glass River
Robert Louis Stevenson
Smooth it glides upon its travel, Here a wimple, there a gleam-- O the clean gravel! O the smooth stream! Sailing blossoms, silver fishes, Pa...Rate it

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My friend, a glass object
Mohammad Helmi ELsallab
You're not alone There is someone else Mother Earth Set us that is We never kiss her hand Or improve to it We are still repeating Heaven is under t...Rate it

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Naked In The Looking Glass (Haiku)
Wallace LaBenne
Naked In The Looking Glass (Haiku) Naked in disguise. For a looking glass surprise they opened their eyes. Rate it

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Of Coloured Glass
Constantine P. Cavafy
I am very moved by one detail in the coronation at Vlachernai of John Kantakuzinos and Irini, daughter of Andronikos Asan. Because they had only a ...Rate it

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On A Shadow In A Glass
Jonathan Swift
By something form'd, I nothing am, Yet everything that you can name; In no place have I ever been, Yet everywhere I may be seen; In all things fals...Rate it

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On A Very Old Glass At Market-Hill
Jonathan Swift
Frail glass! thou mortal art as well as I; Though none can tell which of us first shall die. Rate it

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On His Own Face In A Glass
Ezra Pound
O strange face there in the glass! O ribald company, O saintly host, O sorrow-swept my fool, What answer? O ye myriad That strive? and play and pas...Rate it

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