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At Home
Christina Georgina Rossetti
When I was dead, my spirit turned To seek the much-frequented house: I passed the door, and saw my friends Feasting beneath green orange boughs; Fr...Rate it

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Away from Home are some and I—
Emily Dickinson
Away from Home are some and I— An Emigrant to be In a Metropolis of Homes Is easy, possibly— The Habit of a Foreign Sky We—difficult—acquire As Ch...Rate it

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Back home
Ben Jie
I was lost and insecure, I was empty I was lost, tired and unsure, I was afraid But life has turned around When mercy won the crown You have made...Rate it

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Back To My Dark Home
Kislay Chauhan
The home where knocks ask for the doors A loud, cry in the corner, a dark for colors Slightly makes my limbs to be trunk again Like an old ec...Rate it

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Bein' Back Home
Paul Laurence Dunbar
HOME agin, an' home to stay — Yes, it's nice to be away. Plenty things to do an' see, But the old place seems to me Jest about the proper thing. M...Rate it

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Bells that call us home
Fleeting youth among a Hospice care A downward struggle Within this human frail frame The mind although very easy to persuade The heart another mat...Rate it

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Ben's Home Now
Michael Califf,Sr
Ben's life had been to do no harm, then they sent him to Desert Storm. At Camp they told him reasons why,some must live and some must die. So, they...Rate it

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Bound for your distant home
Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin
Bound for your distant home you were leaving alien lands. In an hour as sad as I’ve known I wept over your hands. My hands were numb and cold, stil...Rate it

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Bringing Home The Cows
Andrew Barton Paterson
Shadows of the twilight falling On the mountain's brow, To each other birds are calling, In the leafy bough. Where the daisies are a-springing, And...Rate it

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Bringing My Shadow Home
Kurt Philip Behm
Sometimes, when sitting alone, I feel your lightness come upon me Watching my shadow run toward the brightness of your smile And like a child, ...Rate it

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Call me please!861-3117 or at home 288-2311
Taleshia G MCcray
Since i found you there's been a change in my life. I cry when you don't call me? Don't know where i would be without you.I know i'm the one for yo...Rate it

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Calling you home
When we leave this place, I don’t want you to be afraid. I want everyone to know that the place we all go, Is indescribable. For I have seen in d...Rate it

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Canada Our Home
James McIntyre
The following response to ' Canada, our Home,' was given at a banquet of the Caledonian Society, Ingersoll. In responding to the sentiment, 'Canad...Rate it

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Colin Clouts Come Home Againe
Edmund Spenser
Colin Clouts Come Home Againe THe shepheards boy (best knowen by that name) That after Tityrus first sung his lay, Laies of sweet loue, without reb...Rate it

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Come Home
Shantell Biesele
Hardly containable Pain disappears- Are these years interchangeable? Soon you'll be here Are you near? I still feel you Your message is clear. Ove...Rate it

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Come home
Sunil Bhatia
Flying bird, touching skies, Chasing rainbows, going high, Taking turns, running sound, Windy clouds, floating ground. Flying bird, loving stars, ...Rate it

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come home
Curtis Allison
god it's me. i came to thee. to ask thee , do you have a place for me? lord, is this all for me? can you please walk with me. and let me see. every...Rate it

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Come Home When The Rain Falls
Wide, summer eyes glint 'cross the Black-bellied clouds Wondering when the rain would break So we could run I look to him, he looks to me, when the...Rate it

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Come Home!
Mary Elizabeth Coleridge
When wintry winds are no more heard, And joy's in every bosom, When summer sings in every bird, And shines in every blossom, When happy...Rate it

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Come Home, Father!
Henry Clay Work
'Tis The SONG OF LITTLE MARY, Standing at the bar-room door While the shameful midnight revel Rages wildly as before. Father, dear father, co...Rate it

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Come Home, Jenny
Jane Kueber
who will drink the Christmas wine who will sit and Christmas dine who will open presents Christmas morn who will look in the stocking forlorn with ...Rate it

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Come Ye Home
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Listening (said the old, grey Digger) . . . With my finger on the trigger I was listening in the trenches on a dark night long ago, And a lull cam...Rate it

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Coming Home
eliseo guerrero cervantes
The news of your coming home Made me cry a river. And Just thinking about it, Makes me warm all over. There is no better way anybody Could have put...Rate it

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Coming Home
Chris Curasi
How I miss my North Carolina home sitting in the backyard swing serenading the stars and wildlife the sweet smell of honeysuckle the hayfields in M...Rate it

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Coming Home
Augusta Davies Webster
Five minutes here, and they must steal two more! shameful! Here have I been five mortal years and not seen home nor one dear kindred face, and t...Rate it

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