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Welcome Home
Thomas Hardy
To my native place Bent upon returning, Bosom all day burning To be where my race Well were known, 'twas much with me There to dwell in amity. Fol...Rate it

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When The Cows Come Home The Milk Is Coming
Christina Georgina Rossetti
When the cows come home the milk is coming, Honey's made while the bees are humming; Duck and drake on the rushy lake, And the deer live safe in...Rate it

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Coming Home
Gary Dacus
The pain gets stronger each and every day I hide it from all I can One day I will I will share my fears Right now I have to be the man I fear ever...Rate it

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A Tribute To The Home Soil
Nikhil Parekh
There was heavy consternation in the atmosphere, we hadn't slept all ruthless night, the floor marble was biting cold with accumulation of winter...Rate it

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Wanna Find Home
Satyender Yadav
Let the glass break, I know it wouldn't be fixed, Let oil take surface, I know with water, it won't mix, Let the holding will drop, Allow yours...Rate it

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"home" a Shakespearean Sonnet #22 of #24 vol. 14
Steven Louis Chapman
Violets expostulate colloquy, unbeknownst to his ways fastidious, Violet denounced his soliloquies. Henceforth, releasing her knight Thadius. The ...Rate it

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A Ballade of Home
Enid Derham
LET others prate of Greece and Rome, And towns where they may never be, The muse should wander nearer home. My country is enough for me; H...Rate it

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A child comes home!
A CHILD COMES HOME! A Child has come home today after years After suffering and shedding lots of tears, Hoping to get back the love she lost From t...Rate it

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A Full Empty Home!
Evans E Bradley
A home that's Full but Empty, how can it be, I know it's true because it happened to me, Although love for each other in this home runs high, It is...Rate it

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A Garden-Seat At Home
William Lisle Bowles
Oh, no; I would not leave thee, my sweet home, Decked with the mantling woodbine and the rose, And slender woods that the still scene inclose, For ...Rate it

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A Home In My Heart
Alex Alaniz
hard and tough hurt by love a beaten heart, scarred and scuffed tired and troubled she was when discovered a sooty diamond, just now uncovered in...Rate it

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A Home-Made Fairy Tale
James Whitcomb Riley
Bud, come here to your uncle a spell, And I'll tell you something you mustn't tell-- For it's a secret and shore-'nuf true, And maybe I oughtn't to...Rate it

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A Home.
Sarah Chauncey Woolsey
What is a home? A guarded space, Wherein a few, unfairly blest, Shall sit together, face to face, And bask and purr and be at rest? Where cushi...Rate it

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A House—But No Home
Kurt Philip Behm
A Poet with no following, a speaker without ears A siren in the shower, a guitar no one hears A frame with no picture, an actor on loan A ...Rate it

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A Letter Home
Siegfried Sassoon
(To Robert Graves) I Here I'm sitting in the gloom Of my quiet attic room. France goes rolling all around, Fledged with forest May has crown...Rate it

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A Letter Home. (To Robert Graves)
Siegfried Loraine Sassoon
I Here I'm sitting in the gloom Of my quiet attic room. France goes rolling all around, Fledged with forest May has crowned. And I puff my pipe...Rate it

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A Medley: Home They Brought Her Warrior Dead (The Princess)
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Home they brought her warrior dead: She nor swoon'd nor utter'd cry: All her maidens, watching, said, "She must weep or she will die." Then they pr...Rate it

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A Poet's Home
George Wither
Two pretty rills do meet, and meeting make Within one valley a large silver lake: About whose banks the fertile mountains stood In ages passèd brav...Rate it

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A Royal Home-Coming
Alfred Austin
Welcome, right welcome home, to these blest Isles, Where, unforgotten, loved Victoria sleeps, But now with happy pride your Father smiles, Your Mot...Rate it

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A Song Of Harvest Home.
Jean Blewett
Praise God for blessings great and small, For garden bloom and orchard store, The crimson vine upon the wall, The green and gold of maples tall, Fo...Rate it

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A Watch Sent Home To Mrs. Eliz: King, Wrapt In Theis Verses
William Strode
Goe and count her better houres; They more happie are than ours. The day that gives her any blisse Make it as long againe as tis: The houre shee sm...Rate it

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Almost Home
Wesley Morin
Crack the window to keep my breath constant Waiting for you to come back so we can cheat death Counting the beads of sweat Salty droplets Tears of ...Rate it

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Ameria's Welcome Home
Henry Van Dyke
Oh, gallantly they fared forth in khaki and in blue, America's crusading host of warriors bold and true; They battled for the rights of man besid...Rate it

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At Home
Valery Yaklovich Bryusov
It's all so familiar and clear, My eye's accustomed to every turn; I'm not mistaken- I'm at home; The wallpaper flowers, the chains of books... I...Rate it

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At Home
Pamelia Sarah Vining
I thought it pleasant when a manly sire Weary of foreign travel, at the door Of his own cottage left his dusty staff, And entering in, sat down wit...Rate it

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