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Tasting the Earth
James Oppenheim
In a dark hour, tasting the Earth. As I lay on my couch in the muffled night, and the rain lashed at my window, And my forsaken heart would give m...Rate it

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The Child Of Earth
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
I. FAINTER her slow step falls from day to day, Death's hand is heavy on her darkening brow; Yet doth she fondly cling to earth, and say, 'I am...Rate it

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The Division Of The Earth
Friedrich Schiller
"Take the world!" Zeus exclaimed from his throne in the skies To the children of man--"take the world I now give; It shall ever remain as your hei...Rate it

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The Earth
Hakikur Rahman
Ask the wind that stopped- Why are you stalling? I can not be overwhelmed as before It is the pollution at the source. Ask the tree which is trend...Rate it

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The Earth
Ralph Waldo Emerson
OUR eyeless bark sails free, Though with boom and spar Andes, Alp, or Himmalee Strikes never moon or star. Rate it

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The Earth
Jones Very
I would lie low, the ground on which men tread, Swept by Thy spirit like the wind of heaven; An earth where gushing springs and corn for bread, By ...Rate it

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The Earth
Boris Pasternak
Spring bursts violently into Moscow houses. Moths flutter about crawl on summer hats, and furs hide secretly. Pots of wallflowers and stock stand,...Rate it

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The Earth
Dr saroj kumar Khan
The Earth will be gradually calm and quiet, Environmental protection may be sweet. But demons will be tight. For nasty sinful nature of fight. Eve...Rate it

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The Earth A Cheerless Look Still Wears
Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev
The earth a cheerless look still wears, But spring's breath is already swaying The dead stalks in the field and playing With boughs as yet of leafa...Rate it

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The Earth Laments for Day
Henry Kendall
THERE’S music wafting on the air, The evening winds are sighing Among the trees—and yonder stream Is mournfully replying, Lamenting loud the sunny ...Rate it

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The Earth Song
Geethika GV
Ether happens every nook, high and low, all trace, Even at the open or shut of the window on the face. How impolite, no yearn for my consent, ...Rate it

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The Earth Waxeth Old.
Isabella Valancy Crawford
When yellow-lock'd and crystal ey'd I dream'd green woods among; Where tall trees wav'd from side to side, And in their green breasts deep and wide...Rate it

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The Earth, Late Chok'd with Showers
Thomas Lodge
The earth, late chok'd with showers, Is now array'd in green, Her bosom springs with flowers, The air dissolves her teen; The heavens laugh at ...Rate it

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The Earth-Child in the Grass
Katherine Mansfield
In the very early morning Long before Dawn time I lay down in the paddock And listened to the cold song of the grass. Between my fingers the green ...Rate it

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The Earth-Mother
Frank Dalby Davison
COMETH a voice:—‘My children, hear; From the crowded street and the close-packed mart I call you back with my message clear, Back to my ...Rate it

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The Life of Earth
Robert Fuller Murray
The life of earth, how full of pain, Which greets us on our day of birth, Nor leaves us while we yet retain The life of earth. There is a shadow o...Rate it

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The Pain of the Earth
George William Russell
DOES the earth grow grey with grief For her hero darling fled? Though her vales let fall no leaf, In our hearts her tears are shed. Still the...Rate it

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The Salt of the Earth
Algernon Charles Swinburne
IF childhood were not in the world, But only men and women grown; No baby-locks in tendrils curled, No baby-blossoms blown; Though men were strong...Rate it

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The Ship Of Earth.
Sidney Lanier
'Thou Ship of Earth, with Death, and Birth, and Life, and Sex aboard, And fires of Desires burning hotly in the hold, I fear thee, O! I fear thee, ...Rate it

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There Was No Price On Earth
Nikhil Parekh
There was no price on earth which could ever substitute; the untamed exhilaration which every pore of my body experienced; while briskly philanderi...Rate it

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There Was Nothing Born On Earth
Nikhil Parekh
There was nothing born on earth; whiter than frosty white cow milk, There was nothing born on earth; saltier than the saline sea, There was nothi...Rate it

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Time And The Earth
William Ernest Henley
Time and the Earth - The old Father and Mother - Their teeming accomplished, Their purpose fulfilled, Close with a smile For a moment of kindness, ...Rate it

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Voices of Earth
Archibald Lampman
We have not heard the music of the spheres, The song of star to star, but there are sounds More deep than human joy and human tears, That Nat...Rate it

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Wayfarer of Earth
Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts
Up, heart of mine, Thou wayfarer of Earth! Of seed divine, Be mindful of thy birth. Though the flesh faint Through long-endured constraint Of night...Rate it

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When Cold in the Earth
Thomas Moore
When cold in the earth lies the friend thou hast loved, Be his faults and his follies forgot by thee then; Or, if from their slumber the veil be ...Rate it

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