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Helen Hunt Jackson
With what a childish and short-sighted sense Fear seeks for safety; recons up the days Of danger and escape, the hours and ways Of death; it bre...Rate it

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Comme on passe en été le torrent sans danger,
Joachim du Bellay
Comme on passe en été le torrent sans danger, Qui soulait en hiver être roi de la plaine, Et ravir par les champs d'une fuite hautaine L'espoir du ...Rate it

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Convalescent [What! 'Out of danger?' Can the slighted Dame]
Ambrose Bierce
What! 'Out of danger?' Can the slighted Dame Or canting Pharisee no more defame? Will Treachery caress my hand no more, Nor Hatred He alurk about m...Rate it

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Danger d'aller dans les bois
Victor Marie Hugo
Ne te figure pas, ma belle, Que les bois soient pleins d'innocents. La feuille s'émeut comme l'aile Dans les noirs taillis frémissants ; L'innocen...Rate it

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Danger Signs
Wallace Dean LaBenne
Your friendship with my enemy is a dangerous sign. A friend of attackers is no friend of mine. Your friendship with my betrayer is a dangerous sign...Rate it

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Danger Zone
Kumar Kamal
I wanna walk in your danger zone baby I wanna walk in your love vault! I wanna ornate your garden and plant there love roses,iris,daffodils,tulips,...Rate it

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On The Danger Of War
George Meredith
Avert, High Wisdom, never vainly wooed, This threat of War, that shows a land brain-sick. When nations gain the pitch where rhetoric Seems reason t...Rate it

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Sweet Danger
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
The danger of war, with its havoc of life, The danger of ocean, when storms are rife, The danger of jungles, where wild beasts hide, The danger ...Rate it

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The Believer's Danger, Safety, And Duty
John Newton
Simon, beware! the Saviour said, Satan, your subtle foe, Already has his measures laid Your soul to overthrow. He wants to sift you all, as wheat...Rate it

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The Danger Of Writing Defiant Verse
Dorothy Parker
And now I have another lad! No longer need you tell How all my nights are slow and sad For loving you too well. His ways are not your wicked way...Rate it

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The Men Who Sleep With Danger
Henry Lawson
The men who camp with Danger Are mostly quiet men: And one may use a rifle, And one may use a pen, And one may strap a camera In deserts to his bik...Rate it

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Unknown Danger
BlackAngel Evo
Walking through the enchanted forest alone The little boy slowly made his way out for the day Oblivious to the danger coming ahead So innocent to t...Rate it

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