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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
I've knowed ole Flood this last five year or more; I knoo 'im when 'is Syd went to the war. A proud ole man 'e was. But I've watched 'im, An' seen ...Rate it

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Dad on the Test
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
I reckon (said Dad) that the country's pests Is this here wireless an' these here Tests. Up to the house and around the door, Stretchin' their ears...Rate it

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Dad's a Millionaire
Henry Clay Work
I wish you joy, my little ragged throng-- Your Dad's a millionaire! The fortune's come, we've waited for so long, And I'm a millionaire! Come Will,...Rate it

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Dad's Day
Michael R. Cole
My Dad is the best a cut above the rest, he thought I would never leave the nest. He watched me grow even though he never thought it so, And after ...Rate it

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Dad's Philanthropic Plan
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
I knew an old philanthropist, a farming man was he, Shrewd at a deal, but still withal a man of charity. He had three sons - three hefty lads - Jos...Rate it

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Goodbye Joe (a song sung to the tune of "If I Only Dad a Brain" from The Wizard of Oz
Joe, I been sittin’ here a thinkin’ how I’m sorry that you’re a stinkin’…. you were my only friend. Now brother you know that I ain’t lyin’ When I...Rate it

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poem for dad
Jack C. Boeve
My Dad is protective, Always there for you and me. Quick to defend us, Never condemns us. Affection is his middle name, Giving us his love and aff...Rate it

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The Guile of Dad M'Ginnis
William Thomas Goodge
When M,Ginnis struck the mining camp at Jamberoora Creek His behaviour was appreciated highly; For, although he was a quiet man, in manner mild and...Rate it

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World's Greatest Dad
Dave Bohne
You were taken way too early, You still had so much life to live; You were always the life of the party, always had so much love to give! We're t...Rate it

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