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Esther Jacks
I desire yesterdays lips Your hushed thoughts And my dark lingering gaze Loving you QuietlyRate it

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Edgar Albert Guest
I've trod the links with many a man, And played him club for club; 'Tis scarce a year since I began And I am still a dub. But this ...Rate it

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Sohini Patil
Yesterday, my whole life changed , I'm a different person now. and I feel, so insane.. Can't believe that you are gone. We broke we fought,again ...Rate it

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YESTERDAY Yesterday’s words are falling away Yesterday’s words mean nothing today Yesterday’s words have no use anyway To someone who wants to be ...Rate it

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Teresa Perkins
YESTERDAY Yesterday didn't feel so kind. Yesterday the sun didn't shine. Yesterday was just another yesterday. Yesterday seem, so far behind. ...Rate it

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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Ehsan Sehgal
What I travelled And experienced In my past Today, I am that. What I will be tomorrow That I travel And engage today Thus, today belongs to Yest...Rate it

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Yesterday's Beauty Queen
Sonia Walker
Years have washed away the glow, but not the dreams of yesterday, standing tall and pretty, holding a dozen red roses, matching the beauty of the s...Rate it

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I almost lost you yesterday
I almost lost you yesterday. My life all shattered and in disarray. God could have chosen death to part and brought such sadness to my heart. I to...Rate it

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What Yesterday had..
Debbie Ashton
Where do you go, when you've gone everywhere? What do you see, when you choose to be blind.. What to you feel when I hold your hand? Do you feel An...Rate it

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After Yesterday
A R Ammons
After yesterday afternoon's blue clouds and white rain the mockingbird in the backyard untied the drops from leaves and twigs with a long singing.Rate it

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Ah, Yesterday Was Dark and Drear
Mathilde Blind
Ah, yesterday was dark and drear, My heart was deadly sore; Without thy love it seemed, my Dear, That I could live no more. And yet I laugh an...Rate it

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Bring Back Yesterday
Sandi Kilpatrick
It was a better place in time, a place for you and me When everything was roses, as it was meant to be The moments we spent together, so precious i...Rate it

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Child of Yesterday
Inge Meldgaard
Child of yesterday forlorn reluctant gazing at her life from within the past. A life unfolded since that captive moment. Child of dreaming bewild...Rate it

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Ghosts Of Yesterday
Emile Pinet
Life's non- responsive to dreams, or expectations of truth. And hope's more an illusion, misdirecting naive youth. With anguish and frustration, y...Rate it

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I loved you yesterday
Taleshia G MCcray
Ilove youmore thanYesterday,more today. I want you to know how very important you are to me.No one had ever made me feel so needed and loved you're...Rate it

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If I Had Closed My Breath Yesterday
Nikhil Parekh
If I had cut my fingers yesterday; then how could I hold the scintillating cluster of diamonds strewn abundantly in the fields for me today? If I...Rate it

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Just Like Yesterday
Wallace Dean LaBenne
It seems just like yesterday, though many years have passed, since I first gazed into your eyes and fell in love at last. It seems just like yeste...Rate it

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Leave Yesterday Behind
Melody SunFlower
Somethings make me happy, but others aren't so great. I never like it when I'm sad, that's a feeling that I hate. Sometimes I feel the worst, and o...Rate it

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Let Us play Yesterday
Emily Dickinson
Let Us play Yesterday— I—the Girl at school— You—and Eternity—the Untold Tale— Easing my famine At my Lexicon— Logarithm—had I—for Drink— 'Twas a ...Rate it

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The Atoning Yesterday
Louise Imogen Guiney
Ye daffodilian days, whose fallen towers Shielded our paradisal prime from ill, Fair Past, fair motherhood! let come what will, We, being yours,...Rate it

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The Golden Yesterday
Roderic Quinn
AFTER a spell of chill, grey weather, (Green, O green, are the feet of Spring!) The heaven is here of flower and feather, Of wild red blossom and f...Rate it

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The path of yesterday
The path of yesterday
if I could walk down the vivid path of youth again, if I could drink the crystal waters of the brilliant fountain. If I could experience the sweet ...Rate it

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The players of yesterday
Ofuonyebi 'Dinobi
They have all returned In the harbour, they returned With basketfull of flimsy reports on their loaded heads This was when the match was soured Whe...Rate it

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The Song of Yesterday
James Whitcomb Riley
I But yesterday I looked away O'er happy lands, where sunshine lay In golden blots, Inlaid with spots Of shade and wild forget-me-nots. My ...Rate it

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Tomorrow's Yesterday
Kurt Philip Behm
Paying the price for a life ill lived, my spirit torn and scarred Those things undone, weigh heavy now, old choices prey and mar I thought t...Rate it

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