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Taleshia G MCcray
The wind kisses my face on a summer day it cools me down from the sun's hot ray it rustles the leaves on a fall night to give a sound to the childr...Rate it

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John Jessup Kennan
You speak of global endangerment Winds of climate change your view Dust devil species endanger That specious soul inside of you You're riding on ...Rate it

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A Song Of Winds
Roderic Quinn
WOE to the weak when the sky is shrouded, And the wind of the salt-way sobs as it dies! Woe to the weak! for a great dejection Droops their spirits...Rate it

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Phil Roberts
Icy winds blow in Melbourne Nearly antarctically cold, Cold enough to freeze blood solid Enough to chill through to your soul. Icy winds blow thro...Rate it

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As Winds That Blow Against A Star
Joyce Kilmer
(For Aline) Now by what whim of wanton chance Do radiant eyes know sombre days? And feet that shod in light should dance Walk weary and laborio...Rate it

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As Winds That Blow Against A Star
Alfred Joyce Kilmer
(For Aline) Now by what whim of wanton chance Do radiant eyes know sombre days? And feet that shod in light should dance Walk weary and...Rate it

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Autumn Winds
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
“Oh! Autumn winds, what means this plaintive wailing Around the quiet homestead where we dwell? Whence come ye, say, and what the story mournful Th...Rate it

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Burning Brigade of Saintly Winds
Kiki Stamatiou
Willfully I sit from dusk to dawn, on the fold of my bed scratching the itch that dwells in my thoughts. Languid illusions scatter before marble ey...Rate it

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Clear, With Light, Variable Winds
Amy Lowell
The fountain bent and straightened itself In the night wind, Blowing like a flower. It gleamed and glittered, A tall white lily, Under the eye of t...Rate it

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Cold Winds Of Popularity
Ian Sawicki
Words flow from the mind's swirls of imagination; soft poetic splendour that eases to the lips, language is beautiful as it dances across the page ...Rate it

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Dark Winds
Cherie Dawn Waggie
Dark winds Dark winds, secret lives, Danger lurks in piercing eyes, Erupting power, volcanic ire, The tiger walks and through fields of fire.Rate it

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Elegy XVII. He Indulges the Suggestions of Spleen.-- An Elegy to the Winds
William Shenstone
AEole! namque tibi divûm Pater atque hominum rex, Et mulcere dedit mentes et tollere vento. Imitation. O AEolus! to thee the Sire supreme Of god...Rate it

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Fair Winds Ahead
Kurt Philip Behm
The better the poet the fuller the sails —and the further the lines may stretch The more ranging the verse set to feeling’s unanchored —the m...Rate it

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Favourable Be Thy Winds Of Change
Darryn John Murphy
I was never bothered with distraction Nor was I concerned about my reflection Thine own heart has pulsed with rhythm And there are times, when I fe...Rate it

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Four Winds
Sara Teasdale
"Four winds blowing through the sky, You have seen poor maidens die, Tell me then what I shall do That my lover may be true." Said the wind from ou...Rate it

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Four Winds, The
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
"Honor be to Mudjekeewis!" Cried the warriors, cried the old men, When he came in triumph homeward With the sacred Belt of Wampum, From the reg...Rate it

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Haiku - Winds of Fate
tj hatton
The winds of fate blow As they've always blown before As destiny waits.Rate it

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Hymm to the Winds
Joachim du Bellay
To you, troop so fleet, That with winged wandering feet, Through the wide world pass, And with soft murmuring Toss the green shades of spring ...Rate it

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Identification Of Winds
Winds are many types and we identify those by detecting the sides from which those are blowing. Thus we name those as western winds,eastern winds,n...Rate it

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In Memoriam A. H. H.: 15. To-night the winds begin to rise
Alfred Lord Tennyson
To-night the winds begin to rise And roar from yonder dropping day: The last red leaf is whirl'd away, The rooks are blown abou...Rate it

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In spring and summer winds may blow
Walter Savage Landor
In spring and summer winds may blow, And rains fall after, hard and fast; The tender leaves, if beaten low, Shine but the more for shower and blast...Rate it

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Lament Of The Winds
Archibald Lampman
We in sorrow coldly witting, In the bleak world sitting, sitting, By the forest, near the mould, Heard the summer calling, calling, Through the dea...Rate it

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Lecherous North Winds
T.A. Dieringer
Is their treachery in the word lechery? Is it just a fleeting thought, like a Sailor's Knott slapping the mizzen in that rhythmic way; Trying to c...Rate it

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Master of Winds
Marlo Irene Hill
You are Master of the Winds You have mastered the Farting Art. “Farting is fun!” you say As the wind chimes start to sway. While shooting the bre...Rate it

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Mistral Winds
Kurt Philip Behm
Humble before the sea Steady within the gale Intrepid among the waves Thankful —as tides return (Christmas Tree Island: May, 1991)Rate it

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