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Henry Kendall
Like a beautiful face looking ever at me A pure bright moon cometh over the sea; And I stand on the crags, and hear the falls Go tumbling down, thr...Rate it

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Inge Meldgaard
Time goes by: I watch it fly... Life goes by: I wonder why... Love goes by: I sit and cry.Rate it

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Looking Across the Fields and Watching the Birds Fly
Wallace Stevens
Among the more irritating minor ideas Of Mr. Homburg during his visits home To Concord, at the edge of things, was this: To think away the gras...Rate it

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A Spider Is Watching
Brittani Bowden
A spider crawls along the wall Watching as you start to fall A chasm opens, mouth held wide You find yourself with nowhere to hide The spider watch...Rate it

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I'm A-waiting and A-watching
Joseph Seamon Cotter
I'm a-waiting and a-watching for the day that has no end. For the sun that's ever shining, for its rays that ever blend; For the light that casts...Rate it

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Lo, God is Watching You now!
Pius Has Pagiel
Look, what is that you hide that Ought you to have since revealed? Gone are days when God o'er looks Or winks at all men's folly; Dare you then th...Rate it

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Reflection While Watching Spongebob
I find myself watching my nephew as he watches Spongebob. I can’t help but wonder what he sees in an annoying yellow sponge wearing pants. Is it r...Rate it

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Spring-Watching Pavilion
Ho Xuan Huong
A gentle spring evening arrives airily, unclouded by worldly dust. Three times the bell tolls echoes like a wave. We see heaven upside-down in sad...Rate it

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The Lord Was Perpetually Watching You!
Nikhil Parekh
You might utter an infinite abuses on eternally spell-binding creation; in the most nonchalantly decaying of gutter pipe; where there dared not cre...Rate it

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The Lord Was Watching You
Nikhil Parekh
Although there mightn't be the most bucolic insinuation of light around; with every conceivable ingredient of the atmosphere being gruesomely circu...Rate it

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The Stars Are Watching Me Again ~ Sept. 28, 2020
Cheyenne Seaman
The moon, she dazzles bright tonight For her date as clouds are running by. The breeze is cooling off my heated skin And it feels that the stars...Rate it

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They Are Watching No Doubt
Mario William Vitale
society is watching i'm not lying got some fish for frying my mind is a socially wandering wizard in a blizzard got this rap game locked yet h...Rate it

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Waiting and Watching Haiku ( Poem No. 545)
Ging Alburo D.
On this log I sit I have watch the Tide depart Waiting and watching. By Ms. Ging 06-22-13 Rate it

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watching Eid Crescent
Anjam Abbas
Memory.. Last year watching Eid Crescent, dear Didn't you make a promise? Standing on the roof, the following year We both would find same this Ne...Rate it

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Watching Football
Ryan W.
I get on the couch on Sunday at one Sit back and relax, for it’s time to see Which side will prevail, it’s time for some fun As I watch two teams d...Rate it

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Watching For Pa
Henry Clay Work
Three little forms in the twilight gray, Searching the shadows across the way; Two pair of black eyes, and one of blue -- Brimful of love, and of m...Rate it

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Watching Fox in my Socks
Hour before Hannity so it’s Tucker on Fox I turn up the volume, and kick back in my socks Books are cancelled he screams, and the author’s been tos...Rate it

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Watching Her Grow
Marty Sullivan
I love watching her grow Exploring her happy places Our interests often diverge My passions are not hers But when our lives intersect Angels herald...Rate it

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Watching Rebecca Grow
Henry Fountain Shadowens
You were born on my birthday; it could not have been greater, Even though they say you should have been born two weeks later, I held you for the ...Rate it

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Watching the Abbot Sing at Evensong
Sandra K. Nelson
Deep song--the singing of it trembling his breastbone-- from a polished pew (in semidarkness) I watch the Abbot's throat wavering like fluid in a s...Rate it

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Watching The Calendar Turn
Kurt Philip Behm
Fighting my memory, I watched the calendar turn Flashes of my grandfather Racing through my mind Age wasn’t supposed to be like this Or then…may...Rate it

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Watching The Crows
Henry Lawson
A bushman got lost in a scrub in the North, And all the long morning the searchers went forth. They swore at the rain that had washed out the track...Rate it

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Watching the Needleboats at San Sabba
James Joyce
I heard their young hearts crying Loveward above the glancing oar And heard the prairie grasses sighing: No more, return no more! O hearts, O sig...Rate it

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Watching Unto God In The Night Season
William Cowper
Sleep at last has fled these eyes, Nor do I regret his flight, More alert my spirits rise, And my heart is free and light. Nature silent all aroun...Rate it

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Watching Unto God In The Night Season (2)
William Cowper
Season of my purest pleasure, Sealer of observing eyes! When, in larger, freer measure, I can commune with the skies; While, beneath thy shade exte...Rate it

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