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Ada Cambridge
Each day another soldier in the van, Each day a new young worker in the fields, And every day more plenteous harvest-yields From human toil, to ble...Rate it

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Richard Pryce-williams
Wasted with you Wasted without you And the truth is I'm trapped. Tripped up every day on triviality. Banality clogging my veins. But to fall at thi...Rate it

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Alan Parry-Booth
ALL THOSE WASTED YEARS. Did I ever tell you of a lovely girl called Sian I met her when I went down to a meeting in Cwmbran Her father was a vicar...Rate it

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A Wasted Day
Robert Fuller Murray
Another day let slip! Its hours have run, Its golden hours, with prodigal excess, All run to waste. A day of life the less; Of many wasted days, al...Rate it

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A Wasted Illness
Thomas Hardy
Through vaults of pain, Enribbed and wrought with groins of ghastliness, I passed, and garish spectres moved my brain To dire distress. ...Rate it

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Another Wasted Section Hyperventilates
Ian Sawicki
As culture drips from the nervous system, communication's derelict gestures perform poetry behind the eyes; a wide-open swirled coloured confusion ...Rate it

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Another's Wasted Dream
Kurt Philip Behm
Delay success for as long As you can Living up to an image Will only cloud your vision Stealing what you can least Afford to lose Dragging you into...Rate it

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No Mind Should Never Ever Be Wasted
Nikhil Parekh
No tree; should never ever be indiscriminately felled; replacing its astoundingly symbiotic breeze and compassionate fertility; with threadbare pie...Rate it

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Sonnet 106: When in the chronicle of wasted time
William Shakespeare
When in the chronicle of wasted time I see descriptions of the fairest wights, And beauty making beautiful old rhyme In praise of ladies dead, and ...Rate it

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Wasted Breath
Kurt Philip Behm
Bad prose masquerading as poetry, darkness posing as light Words stacked on top of words uttered in vain —narcissists delight (Villanova Pennsylv...Rate it

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Wasted Dreams
Kurt Philip Behm
Delay success for as long As you can… Living up to an image Will only cloud your judgment Stealing what you can least Afford to lose Dragging you i...Rate it

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Wasted Love
Algernon Charles Swinburne
What shall be done for sorrow With love whose race is run? Where help is none to borrow, What shall be done? In vain his hands have spun The...Rate it

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Wasted Snowball
Sandra JoAnne Booth-Maxwell
The clothesline it hung, between two trees on the hill. Covered in snow, as that was God's will. The child he ran, from his Aunt in fear. Cuzz the...Rate it

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Wasted Tears
Joshua Derek Weightman
Cried all night while all alone Spent many days shedding tears Still can't reach you on the phone It has been this way all year Tried to sleep but...Rate it

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Wasted Time
Michael Feener
I just ran around.... First up, and then down.. And then found myself Staring up from the ground I ended up right Where I thought I began And found...Rate it

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wasted ways
paul gavin
An old young man sits quietly on the shore Watching as the sea vomits it's frothy white Foam in spasmodic spurts upon the sand. Watching as it trie...Rate it

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Wasted Words.
Kev Green
You can say a prayer if you want to, They aren't wasted words, If there is a God he will listen, if not you are simply saying words.Rate it

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What Needeth These Threnning Words and Wasted Wind?
David McKee Wright
What needeth these threnning words and wasted wind? All this cannot make me restore my prey. To rob your good, iwis, is not my mind, Nor causeless ...Rate it

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