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I'm like all lovers, wanting love to be
Lesbia Harford
I'm like all lovers, wanting love to be A very mighty thing for you and me. In certain moods your love should be a fire That burnt your very lif...Rate it

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a wanting
Thewordking Hljohnson
when will I see you again my old friend I miss you so much my heart hurts from within you left on a day that was bitter gray even though in your he...Rate it

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Always Wanting More
Emile Pinet
Life's like a poorly penned poem, punctuated by emotions. Often abstract and mystical, it's hard to find its true meaning. Influencing both heart ...Rate it

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Dreaming Of Freedom(A poem of a slave wanting slavery to end.)
WeeklyMan TV
My eyes open to the dawning of the sun, My body shuts off like the passing of the sun; My back ackes of pain, I cry inhumanily... To be treated be...Rate it

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I Said To The Wanting-Creature Inside Me
I said to the wanting-creature inside me: What is this river you want to cross? There are no travelers on the river-road, and no road. Do you see a...Rate it

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Krishna Wanting The Moon
Sant Surdas
Mother, the moon I want as my toy. I will roll on the floor, Not come to your lap, Nor have my hair-braid combed. No longer will I be your child I ...Rate it

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Love left me wanting
Patricia Carlin
I kissed him good-bye for the last time Watched his figure disappear into the sunset And squinted my eyes to the bitter end Swearing I wouldn't mis...Rate it

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The Wanting
Dale Raymond
I wanted and I wanted the love of my life. I searched and searched for the love of my life. I hurt and hurt looking for the love of my life. And t...Rate it

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The Wanting Game
A day where the sun would make my world brighter, A time that my sadness would somehow feel lighter. A moment to spend without fighting off tears, ...Rate it

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Wanting More
Emile Pinet
Love is like a warm spring zephyr, slowly melting reality. And arousing dormant desires, that erupt like molten passion. Smoldering embers fuel fl...Rate it

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Wanting Only To Rhyme
Kurt Philip Behm
Before I returned to writing prose, verse took my pen by decree Days fully structured and measured on end, tonight, —words yearned to be free The...Rate it

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Wanting Only To Rhyme
Kurt Philip Behm
Before I could return to writing prose, the Muse kidnapped my pen by decree Most days fully structured and measured on end, but tonight —...Rate it

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Wanting You!
Evans E Bradley
Wanting you is my hope and dream, Needing you is my wish supreme, I am not your husband, you are not my wife, But you have brought joy into my l...Rate it

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Weigh in the Balance and found Wanting Haiku(Poem No. 535)
Ging Alburo D.
Haiku 5-7-5 Chain Haiku As soon as I touch The vast ocean of life's fame I soar like eagle. As soon as I touch The vast ocean of life's game My v...Rate it

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