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A Couplet, Written In A Volume Of Poems Presented By Mr. Coleridge To Dr. A.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
To meet, to know, to love--and then to part, Is the sad tale of many a human heart. Rate it

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The Athenaid: Volume III: Book the Twenty-eighth
Richard Glover
While lamentation for Masistius dead Depress'd the Persians, undisturb'd the Greeks To all their camp refreshment had deriv'd From clear Asopus. To...Rate it

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Lines (With A Volume Of The Author's Poems Sent To M.R.C.)
William Watson
Go, Verse, nor let the grass of tarrying grow Beneath thy feet iambic. Southward go O'er Thamesis his stream, nor halt until Thou reach the summit ...Rate it

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On The Cover Of John B. Tabb's Late London Volume
John Bannister Tabb
His eyes are dim; And so for him, They thought in London, 'twas enough To bind his book in blind-man's buff. Rate it

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On The Forthcoming Volume Of Sidney Lenier's Poems
John Bannister Tabb
Snow! Snow! Snow! Do thy worst, Winter, but know, but know That, when the Spring cometh, a blossom shall blow From the heart of the Poet that sleep...Rate it

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Sonnet (Written in a Volume of Shakespeare)
Thomas Hood
How bravely Autumn paints upon the sky The gorgeous fame of Summer which is fled! Hues of all flow'rs, that in their ashes lie, Trophied in that...Rate it

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Suggested by the Cover of a Volume of Keats's Poems
Amy Lowell
Wild little bird, who chose thee for a sign To put upon the cover of this book? Who heard thee singing in the distance dim, The vague, far green...Rate it

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The Athenaid: Volume I: Book the Tenth
Richard Glover
Now is the season, when Vertumnus leads Pomona's glowing charms through ripen'd groves Of ruddy fruitage; now the loaden vine Invites the gath'ring...Rate it

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The Athenaid: Volume II: Book the Nineteenth
Richard Glover
The morning breaks; Nicanor sudden greets The gen'ral; welcome tidings in these words He utters loud: The citadel is won, The tyrant slaughter'd. W...Rate it

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The Athenaid: Volume II: Book the Seventeenth
Richard Glover
Sicinus, long by unpropitious winds Lock'd in Geræstus, to their fickle breath, Half-adverse still, impatient spread the sail. Six revolutions of t...Rate it

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The Athenaid: Volume II: Book the Twelfth
Richard Glover
Now in the zodiac had the sun o'erpass'd The tenth fair sign. The new succeeding month, Though not by Flora, nor Vertumnus deck'd, Nor green in hue...Rate it

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The Bible is an antique Volume
Emily Dickinson
The Bible is an antique Volume— Written by faded men At the suggestion of Holy Spectres— Subjects—Bethlehem- ; Eden—the ancient Homestead— Satan—th...Rate it

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Two-Volume Novel
Dorothy Parker
The sun's gone dim, and The moon's turned black; For I loved him, and He didn't love back. Rate it

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Why This Volume Is So Thin
Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch
In youth I dreamed, as other youths have dreamt, Of love, and thrummed an amateur guitar To verses of my own,—a stout attempt To hold communion ...Rate it

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Written in a Volume of the Comtesse de Noailles
Alan Seeger
Be my companion under cool arcades That frame some drowsy street and dazzling square Beyond whose flowers and palm-tree promenades White belfrie...Rate it

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