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A Fleeting Glimpse Of A Village
Victor Marie Hugo
How graceful the picture! the life, the repose! The sunbeam that plays on the porchstone wide; And the shadow that fleets o'er the stream that flow...Rate it

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A Legend Of Buckingham Village.
Margaret Dixon McDougall
PART I Away up on the River aux Lievres, That is foaming and surging always, And from rock to rock leaping through rapids, Which are curtained ...Rate it

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A Village
Tark Wain
There were 100 people in a village One was a girl So beautiful She was decidedly the most beautiful among them The 99 others decided She made them ...Rate it

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Address To The Scholars Of The Village School Of ----
William Wordsworth
I come, ye little noisy Crew, Not long your pastime to prevent; I heard the blessing which to you Our common Friend and Father sent. I kissed h...Rate it

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Beautiful Village of Penicuik
William Topaz McGonagall
The village of Penicuik, with its neighbouring spinning mills, Is most lovely to see, and the Pentland Hills; And though of a barren appearance and...Rate it

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Cambridge Village In Parsippany
Kumar Kamal
gay,green,grass;maiden,milk,mud dust to dust we must depart leaving all o` our sadness,love,laughter,lust gay green grass arti,tome amar,ami tomar ...Rate it

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Deborah's Parrot, a Village Tale
Mary Darby Robinson
'Twas in a little western town An ancient Maiden dwelt: Her name was MISS, or MISTRESS, Brown, Or DEBORAH, or DEBBY: She Was doom'd a Spinster pure...Rate it

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Elegy Written On Cambridge Village
Kumar Kamal
The air of Parsippany lies heavy with Griefs especially in the october wind! Nargish left Home in search of pleasure unbound;Neelam eloped with her...Rate it

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Evenén in the Village
William Barnes
Now the light o' the west is a-turn'd to gloom, An' the men be at hwome vrom ground; An' the bells be a-zendén all down the Coombe From tower, thei...Rate it

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Goddess Village
Cy Cascade
Gypsies tumble and roll, their souls drifting into the pool of life. Love and mystics, cards and song. Is it possible we all seem to get along? "Sp...Rate it

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HAMAR GAON(MY VILLAGE) BHOJPURI Alocal indian dialect............
Shakil Ahmed Baliyavi
HAMAAR GAON. Ukhia ka khetwa ka tut gail aas re Aaj hamar manwa bhail ba udaas re Matia ka gharwa se bhail banwas re Zindagania ka sab mit gail...Rate it

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I often passed the village
Emily Dickinson
I often passed the village When going home from school— And wondered what they did there— And why it was so still— I did not know the year then— I...Rate it

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In a mountain village
In a mountain village at autumn’s end— that’s where you learn what sadness means in the blast of the wintry wind. Rate it

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In the Boring Village
Constantine P. Cavafy
In the boring village where he works— clerk in a textile shop, very young— and where he's waiting out the two or three months ahead, another two or...Rate it

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King Of The Village
Nikhil Parekh
He had moustache to be proud of, earlobes pierced with circular rings of brass, wound a gaudy turban on his scalp, wore frilled cloth clinging t...Rate it

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LI FRATI D'UN PAESE (The Friers of The Village)
Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli
Senti sto fatto. Un giorno de st'istate Lavoravo ar convento de Genzano, E ssentivo de sopra ch'er guardiano Tirava giù biastime a carrettate; ...Rate it

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Lines To A Beautiful Spring In A Village
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Once more, sweet stream! with slow foot wand'ring near, I bless thy milky waters cold and clear. Escaped the flashing of the noontide hours, With o...Rate it

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Love In Cambridge Village
Kumar Kamal
Nights fall curtains are drawn Miss Patel have you ever seen Sin The faces of Darkness in silent Sleep? The dying wish of a dying priest,the weepin...Rate it

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Menace of the village
He was the menace of the village His name was a taboo He was rumored to have broken from a cage Down in the museum of Waterloo And in the struggle ...Rate it

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Midi au village
Rene Francois Armand Prudhomme
Nul troupeau n'erre ni ne broute ; Le berger s'allonge à l'écart ; La poussière dort sur la route, Le charretier sur le brancard. Le forgeron dort...Rate it

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Mon village
Emile Verhaeren
Une place minime et quelques rues, Avec un Christ au carrefour ; Et l'Escaut gris et puis la tour Qui se mire, parmi les eaux bourrues ; Et le quar...Rate it

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My little village
Farida Amin
Do you want go with me, go with me, to my little village. My youth is hiding under the tree, in the leaves and the grass. I love you and miss you O...Rate it

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Ode on a Village Girl
Srikanth aka Chika
I saw a beautiful girl in a village, And that made me love her beauty. She was like an angel from the heaven, Since she was a supreme soul to me. S...Rate it

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On A Distant View Of The Village And School Of The Harrow Hill
George Gordon Lord Byron
Oh! mihi præteritos referat si Jupiter annos.~Virgil Ye scenes of my childhood, whose lov'd recollection Embitters the present, compar'd with the...Rate it

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On Leaving A Village In Scotland
William Lisle Bowles
Clysdale! as thy romantic vales I leave, And bid farewell to each retiring hill, Where musing memory seems to linger still, Tracing the broad brigh...Rate it

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