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A Tongue—to tell Him I am true!
Emily Dickinson
A Tongue—to tell Him I am true! Its fee—to be of Gold— Had Nature—in Her monstrous House A single Ragged Child— To earn a Mine—would run That Inte...Rate it

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Ah! Where Is Palafox? Nor Tongue Nor Pen
William Wordsworth
AH! where is Palafox? Nor tongue no pen Reports of him, his dwelling or his grave! Does yet the unheard-of vessel ride the wave? Or is she swallowe...Rate it

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I Know The Face Of Falsehood And Her Tongue
Edna St. Vincent Millay
I know the face of Falsehood and her Tongue Honeyed with unction, Plausible with guile, Are dear to men, whom count me not among, That owe their da...Rate it

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I will beguile him with the tongue
Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi
Reason says, “ I will beguile him with the tongue.”; Love says, “Be silent. I will beguile him with the soul.” The soul says to the heart, “Go, d...Rate it

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If The Heart Ever Had A Tongue
Nikhil Parekh
If the broken wall ever had a tongue; the first thing it uttered; would be about the disdainfully inferior quality of cement used in its constructi...Rate it

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Mother Tongue
Dr saroj kumar Khan
Aami aamar may kay valobasi, Aami amar Niye bachay thaki. Tabuo tar chokhay pari na ditay phanki. Aami path dharay tar chali. Aami Banglai gan gai...Rate it

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My thankfull heart with glorying Tongue
Anne Bradstreet
My thankfull heart with glorying Tongue Shall celebrate thy Name, Who hath restor'd, redeem'd, recur'd From sicknes, death, and Pain. I cry'd thov ...Rate it

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Prayer [Fear not in any tongue to call]
Ambrose Bierce
Fear not in any tongue to call Upon the Lord-He's skilled in all. But if He answereth my plea He speaketh one unknown to me. Rate it

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Rolling Off The Tongue
Ian Sawicki
Seasons roll off tongue, sweet taste weathered blissful life, magical tilts dance, spinning cycles of our new tomorrows in wings of beauty to view ...Rate it

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Spring Tingles The Tongue
The crashing of emotions, the fall of hope, the rise it starts to tread once more, while Spring’s hibernation is discarded as yawns fill the air wi...Rate it

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The Ah Goo Tongue
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
The queerest languages known to man, Sanscrit, Hebrew, Hindoostan, Are all translated and made as free And comprehensive as A B C. Yet the oldest ...Rate it

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The Tongue
Nikki Henderson
The Tongue Do you recall that old saying About sticks and stones that can break your bones But words will never hurt? Looking back on that now at t...Rate it

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The Wandering Tongue
Roger Gilbert
The words are softly spoken, Not meant for all to hear; For these are words of poison, It´s gossip spoken here. The tongue´s a mighty weapon, Use...Rate it

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There was a man with tongue of wood
Stephen Crane
There was a man with tongue of wood Who essayed to sing, And in truth it was lamentable. But there was one who heard The clip-clapper of this t...Rate it

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Tongue In Cheek
Wallace Dean LaBenne
Let's slip on the blinders. Let's look straight ahead. Let's be merit finders seeking joy instead. Let's assume brave faces. Let's bloom triumphan...Rate it

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Tongue Tied On The Twisters Of This Demented Lifestyle
Jason Mui
i made a big mistake a big big mistake now i'm in a blank slate no thanks! i'm great never been better never felt more dead or alive now i feel not...Rate it

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Tongue Trails
Razon Santos
Tongue touching trails made when we touch skin Tasting tingles There goes those ghostly goose bumps appearing Tantalizing spirits Fear not to f...Rate it

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Wilson Nwachukwu
WOMAN Woman! woman!! woman!!! What a creature to be loved, nagging a choicest kind of honor, love wanted in ages, Never gets wrong on sight, Argui...Rate it

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Your Heart Has Trembled To My Tongue
William Ernest Henley
Your heart has trembled to my tongue, Your hands in mine have lain, Your thought to me has leaned and clung, Again and yet again, My dear, Again an...Rate it

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