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Shariq Ejaz
As a nation we went through a hellish time, Looking deep into the eyes of death, and crying Till our hearts numbed, and tears froze, But we went on...Rate it

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Charles Churchill
The Time hath been, a boyish, blushing Time, When Modesty was scarcely held a crime, When the most Wicked had some touch of grace, And trembled ...Rate it

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Those Times/these times
Adam Brandt
The first date those memories we have Wont seem to go away, Those times go round and round in the back of my mind Those times seem to just say, Th...Rate it

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dark times
beau ashley
the woodlands cry as if with voices, they scream in pain to the god above. the fire is burning deceptive, corruptive, the god turns away as he shak...Rate it

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Old Times
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Friend of my youth, let us talk of old times; Of the long lost golden hours. When "Winter" meant only Christmas chimes, And "Summer" wreaths of ...Rate it

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The Old Times Were the Best
James Whitcomb Riley
Friends, my heart is half aweary Of its happiness to-night: Though your songs are gay and cheery, And your spirits feather-light, There's a ghostly...Rate it

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To Ireland In The Coming Times
William Butler Yeats
Know, that I would accounted be True brother of a company That sang, to sweeten Ireland's wrong, Ballad and story, rann and song; Nor be I any less...Rate it

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A Little Te Deum For These Times
William Arthur Dunkerley
We thank Thee, Lord, For mercies manifold in these dark days;-- For Heart of Grace that would not suffer wrong; For all the stirrings in the dead d...Rate it

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A Tender Message Of Hope For These Times
Mario William Vitale
A Message of Hope In the early Spring peeps begin to sing after the radio thaws a message of hope to help you cope comes into view vested as a tre...Rate it

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An Infinite Times Better
Nikhil Parekh
Even the most parsimoniously slavering form of light; is an infinite times better than the endlessly ghoulish mortuary of treacherously asphyxiati...Rate it

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An Infinite Times Bigger.
Nikhil Parekh
You might have fearlessly adventured through an infinite enigmatic "Forests" all throughout an infinite resplendent lifetimes of yours; b...Rate it

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Anxieties of Corrupted Times
Suleiman al-fulayyih
…and tonight, Mother, I dreamt of winds sweeping the pasture, quelling my horses, expelling my deer, publicly lashing me with a snake, binding me b...Rate it

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Changing Times
BlackAngel Evo
Madness running around at every corner Dark strangers with candy canes Hate flying everywhere Barely dresses women adorned on street lanes Remembe...Rate it

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Countless Times Better Than Thee
Nikhil Parekh
A mountain of ideas always proliferating; picking up swashbuckling currents of speed as the minutes unveil, A blanket of mesmerizing beauty laden...Rate it

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Dark Times
Riva Murphy
*revised* 8.5.2012 Dark Times by Kymlee Kopera I might see the sun go out in my life, I'll embrace its' death with open arms, because this world ...Rate it

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Death - A Countless Times Better
Nikhil Parekh
It was a countless times better to die this very minute; than to suffer an infinite deaths of tawdrily inconsolable isolation; an infinite times ev...Rate it

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Epitaph Times Two
Ian Sawicki
A Simple State Mourn not, for death is but a simple state - of not being alive. Helical Movement I died as I lived life: twisted upon a spiralle...Rate it

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First Times
Wallace Dean LaBenne
Remember your first promise. Did you keep your word? Virtue inauguration isn't trust deferred. Remember your first school day. Did you join classma...Rate it

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Fourth Times a Charm
Arica R. Brazil
I guess a fourth attempt would be How do you say Reaching I've dillied and dallied With this whole love Thing Third time was supposed to b...Rate it

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Good Times
Jessikah Bailey
sometimes i wear a mask with you wondering if you see right through this shield of happiness that coincides with the pain i'm hiding deep inside i ...Rate it

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Greek from Ancient Times
Constantine P. Cavafy
Antioch is proud of its splendid buildings, its beautiful streets, the lovely countryside around it, its teeming population; proud too of its glori...Rate it

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Happy Times
Judi Kettelson
Sitting in my favorite chair Thinking of past times When life was so nice and easy And then you start to pine. For all good things are in the past...Rate it

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Hard Times
Rabindranath Tagore
Music is silenced, the dark descending slowly Has stripped unending skies of all companions. Weariness grips your limbs and within the locked horiz...Rate it

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Hard Times
Brittany Feener Jordan
Times are hard but whats not? Winters cold, summers hot. Dreaming how much I want to hold you tight. I daydream through the day and night. Laughing...Rate it

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Hard Times Come Again No More
Stephen C. Foster
Let us pause in life's pleasures and count its many tears, While we all sup sorrow with the poor; There's a song that will linger forever in our ea...Rate it

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