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The Devil's Throne
Kurt Philip Behm
Peasant bread to feed the masses, millers stone between the classes Grovel here and grovel there, crumbs for beggars—no meat to share Caught ...Rate it

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When Jesus Left His Father's Throne
James Montgomery
When Jesus left His Father’s throne, He chose a humble birth; Like us, unhonored and unknown, He came to dwell on earth. Like Him may we be found b...Rate it

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Before His Throne
Kurt Philip Behm
We have no idea where it goes, when the spider leaves its weave We have no idea what’s left to dream, when the sandman robs of sleep We have ...Rate it

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Before the Throne of Beauty XXVI
Khalil Gibran
One heavy day I ran away from the grim face of society and the dizzying clamor of the city and directed my weary step to the spacious alley. I purs...Rate it

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Brittania's Throne
Arthur Maquarie
MIRROR of the trackless sky, Priestess of its changing mood, Ere thy shores were piled on high Thou didst feel God’s Spirit brood; Thou...Rate it

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How Púrándukht ascended the Throne and slew Pirúz
Hakim Abu'l-Qasim Ferdowsi Tusi Firdowsi
'Tis but crude policy when women rule, But yet there was a lady-Púrándukht- Surviving of the lineage of Sásán, And well read in the royal volume: h...Rate it

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How Shirwi ascended the Throne
Hakim Abu'l-Qasim Ferdowsi Tusi Firdowsi
From the Shahnameh Now when Shirwi sat on the goodly throne, And donned the royal crown so much desired, The leaders of the Iranians each drew nea...Rate it

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Methought I Saw The Footsteps Of A Throne
William Wordsworth
METHOUGHT I saw the footsteps of a throne Which mists and vapours from mine eyes did shroud-- Nor view of who might sit thereon allowed; But all th...Rate it

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The Jester On The Throne
Kurt Philip Behm
A Prince of Life—A Prince of Death, two courts for him to flee One horse disappears under a ransomed moon, —a drawbridge now unseen Eyes clo...Rate it

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The Rise Of The Throne
Mario William Vitale
solemn peaks in their traverse sport the sway of a cool breeze coupled with a stench an odor of aroma coming from a nearby warehouse we all have...Rate it

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Uncertainties Throne
Kurt Philip Behm
The power of induction, truth insecure Foundations and principles, whispered demure We take that next leap from uncertainties throne To leverage...Rate it

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Veracity's Throne
Kurt Philip Behm
Truth before beauty,” the Sage said with a scowl “Aesthetics a vacuum, devoid of its howl “The beauty of truth is that truth stands alone “Etern...Rate it

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