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Taking a Chance
You have to roll a six, With four dices on the board. The odds are not in your favor, Playing a big game of chance. Critics are saying it’s...Rate it

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"Taking The Lead"
'Ray Raynor
Peace is in my heart I want to live my life again I take responsibility for me. (C)2013 R. W. Raynor. All Rights Reserved Rate it

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A Leave-Taking
Algernon Charles Swinburne
A Leave-Taking Let us go hence, my songs; she will not hear. Let us go hence together without fear; Keep silence no...Rate it

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A Leave-Taking
James Whitcomb Riley
She will not smile; She will not stir; I marvel while I look on her. The lips are chilly And will not speak; The ghost of a lily In either cheek. ...Rate it

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An English Ballad, On The Taking Of Namur, By The King Of Great Britain
Matthew Prior
Dulce est desipere in loco. Some Folks are drunk, yet do not know it: So might not Bacchus give You Law? Was it a Muse, O lofty Poet, Or Virgin o...Rate it

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Breath taking
Alexa Klippel
life grew like a rope to the far beyond just as the shiny new pebble freely turned no hesitation hesitation was not an option if the world were onc...Rate it

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Breath Taking
Kimberly Rinehart
Whispts from amid the driving water RIpplIng wavy hair.Rate it

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Elegy XXI. Taking a View of the Country From His Retirement
William Shenstone
Thus Damon sung-What though unknown to praise, Umbrageous coverts hide my Muse and me, Or mid the rural shepherds flow my days? Amid the rural shep...Rate it

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Giving & Taking
Kurt Philip Behm
You flew in on a wish And left on a broken dream Bringing what I never wanted Taking what I never had (Villanova Pennsylvania: Februar...Rate it

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Giving And Taking
John Greenleaf Whittier
Who gives and hides the giving hand, Nor counts on favor, fame, or praise, Shall find his smallest gift outweighs The burden of the sea and land. ...Rate it

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I'm Taking Beauty Back
Taylor Bricker
BEAUTY It's what society tells me to be. It is a prison, I am inside just waiting Until the day I can't stand up and tell them: "Look, this is me!...Rate it

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Louise Bogan
I do not know where either of us can turn Just at first, waking from the sleep of each other. I do not know how we can bear The river struck by ...Rate it

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Algernon Charles Swinburne
Let us go hence, my songs; she will not hear. Let us go hence together without fear; Keep silence now, for singing-time is over, And over all old t...Rate it

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Leave-Taking Near Shoku
Ezra Pound
They say the roads of Sanso are steep, Sheer as the mountains. The walls rise in a man's face, Clouds grow out of the hill at his horse's bridle. S...Rate it

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Lucasta, Taking The Waters At Tunbridge.
Richard Lovelace
I. Yee happy floods! that now must passe The sacred conduicts of her wombe, Smooth and transparent as your face, When you are deafe, and windes...Rate it

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Of Taking things Easy
Arthur Maquarie
TELL me what boots to battle, when the end Is foreseen failure? What, by heaven, I ask— By bearded martyrs, and the holy cask Of papal c...Rate it

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On Giving and Taking
Khalil Gibran
Once there lived a man who had a valley-full of needles. And one day the mother of Jesus came to him and said: 'Friend, my son's garment is torn an...Rate it

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Sonnet III: Taking My Pen
Michael Drayton
Taking my pen, with words to cast my woe, Duly to count the sum of all my cares, I find my griefs innumerable grow, The reckonings rise to milli...Rate it

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Taking a nap
Matsuo Basho
Taking a nap, feet planted against a cool wall. Translated by Robert Hass Rate it

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Taking An Ostrich
Richard Cobbold
This Ostrich taken, vainly tries From chord of Courser to be free; She struggles hard, but man defies Her bold attempt at liberty. Ah! Lady take th...Rate it

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Taking Chances
doreka vaughn
Taking Chances The chances that we take, equal the choices that we make, we do what we must just to survive, and we try everthing just to stay ali...Rate it

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Taking His Chance
Henry Lawson
They stood by the door of the Inn on the Rise; May Carney looked up in the bushranger's eyes: `Oh! why did you come? -- it was mad of you, Jack;...Rate it

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Taking Its Time
Farmer Jackie
I lost my bro at Christmastime this past year, Only to grieve more for my daughter Joelle, my dear, Both were lost about the same time, Love them b...Rate it

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Taking Leave of a Friend
Ezra Pound
Blue mountains to the north of the walls, White river winding about them; Here we must make separation And go out through a thousand miles of dead ...Rate it

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Taking My Time
Robert Haigh
I'm taking my time with chores still to do; I don't like to rush them at all. I'm painting the kitchen a delicate hue, And driving my wife up the w...Rate it

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