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Dorothy Parker
My heart went fluttering with fear Lest you should go, and leave me here To beat my breast and rock my head And stretch me sleepless on my bed. Ah,...Rate it

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surprise, surprise
Markus Kiener
it wasn’t christmas eve or st. nicholas day but I should get surprised in a gloomy and miserable way it wasn’t even at easter it was yesterday and...Rate it

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Happy birthday to all," Surprise God restore the Prize for you All"
Astghick Moradkhanians
For your Birthday, God's amazing Grace upon you! Gave lovingly Jesus Christ for your lost in wilderness of Earth; which he founded you ,he crowned ...Rate it

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Apparently with no Surprise
Emily Dickinson
Apparently with no surprise, To any happy flower, The frost beheads it at its play, In accidental power. The blond assassin passes on. The sun pro...Rate it

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Big surprise
Coded conversation.... North west frontier... Faisal...has the present been wrapped for delivery? Mohammed... of course we will be sending it tom...Rate it

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Expect in what is no surprise
My job performance review that was given to me I was already informed ahead of time from thee My Grandfather came in a dream with a message for me ...Rate it

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It did not surprise me
Emily Dickinson
It did not surprise me— So I said—or thought— She will stir her pinions And the nest forgot, Traverse broader forests— Build in gayer boughs, Brea...Rate it

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Love Surprise
Brian Spivey
Spring is in the air, life begins anew. If life has one beginning, I began with you. Like a barren desert, I existed without life. I searched the w...Rate it

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Our little surprise
Nicole S Allen
Hello my sweet little one are you there, Can you hear mamas voice in there? Are you a boy or are you a girl. What do you expect form this big world...Rate it

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problems may surprise
Hasmukh Mehta
Problems may surprise If not curbed when they arise They will assume big dimension When find repeated mention Life is full of problems It may rema...Rate it

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Surprise for my beauty
Alok Kumar Yadav
Feeling is immense Holding your hands Feeling is deep Like sailing on a ship Waiting for you to come Surprise is ready for my beautiful sanam you'l...Rate it

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The Rebel Surprise Near Tamai
William Topaz McGonagall
'Twas on the 22nd of March, in the year 1885, That the Arabs rushed like a mountain torrent in full drive, And quickly attacked General M'Neill's t...Rate it

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The Surprise
William Barnes
As there I left the road in May, And took my way along a ground, I found a glade with girls at play, By leafy boughs close-hemmed around, And there...Rate it

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White dawn, that tak'st the heaven with sweet surprise
Christopher John Brennan
White dawn, that tak'st the heaven with sweet surprise of amorous artifice, art thou the bearer of my perfect hour divine, untrod, from some fo...Rate it

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