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Nikhil Parekh
Abruptly crisp; sonorously manipulative; Astutely target oriented; was the style of the checkered suit businessman, Vibrant breezy; Beautifully s...Rate it

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With Style in this Pandemic
Lynne Provance
Once I wake up in the morning I look into the mirror I see an image looking back at me; I wonder who is there? I gaze upon this marvelous face and ...Rate it

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A Fairy Tale In The Ancient English Style
Thomas Parnell
In Britain's Isle and Arthur's days, When Midnight Faeries daunc'd the Maze, Liv'd Edwin of the Green; Edwin, I wis, a gentle Youth, Endow'd with C...Rate it

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A Lion (Haiku Style)
Shawn Daniels
Long mane and fearless I am the king of my pride Ladies hunt for meRate it

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A Short Poem (haiku style)
Dale Raymond
Each stanza of this poem is a haiku. A haiku is a poem of three lines, the first line has 5 syllables, the second line has 7 syllables, and the la...Rate it

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Acrostic Style Poem
Perry Campanella
Acrostic Poem By Perry Campanella P is for Plucky, courage in the face of adversity E is for Eloquent, effortlessly articulate R is for Rational, e...Rate it

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Another Acrostic ( In the style of Father William )
Lewis Carroll
"Are you deaf, Father William!" the young man said, "Did you hear what I told you just now? "Excuse me for shouting! Don't waggle your head "Lik...Rate it

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Colin's Mistakes. Written In Imitation Of Spenser's Style
Matthew Prior
Fast by the banks of Cam was Colin bred, (Ye Nymphs, for every guard that sacred stream) To Wimple's woody shade his way he sped, (Flourish those w...Rate it

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CONFESSION- 21st Century Style .
Phanibhusan Basu
Lord , have gulped some SIN and swallowed them often Your designed traps scattered all over , -- alliured me and I ,even, sipped or lick...Rate it

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Louisa yiew
As Vancouver has nothing in Winter - in particular Except Rain, Snow, cold-wind and early evenings and late rise of morning suns Chilly, Cold, free...Rate it

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Erle Robert's Mice. In Chaucer's Style
Matthew Prior
Tway Mice, full Blythe and Amicable, Batten beside Erle Robert's Table. Lies there ne Trap their Necks to catch, Ne old black Cat their Steps to wa...Rate it

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Everyone Has Their Own Style
I don’t worry ‘bout the meter Or the rhyming pattern Don’t care ‘bout structure As for me it doesn’t matter And I’m no stranger To pen a poetic r...Rate it

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Fair Susan Did Her Wif-Hede Well Menteine - In Chaucer's Style
Matthew Prior
Fair Susan did her wif-hede well menteine, Algates assaulted sore by letchours tweine; Now, and I read aright that auncient song, Olde were the par...Rate it

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Full Oft Doth Matt. With Topaz Dine - In Chaucer's Style
Matthew Prior
Full oft doth Matt. with Topaz dine, Eateth baked meats, drinketh Greek wine: But Topas his own worke rehearseth, And Matt. mote praise what Topaz ...Rate it

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Halloween City Style
Perry Campanella
Which Witch is Which :) when a Bat doesn't need a ball to fly home, can't tell a Black Kat from a black cat in Rome a wood bat has no wings to hi...Rate it

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Leave off the Agony in Style
Julia A Moore
Come all ye good people, listen to me, pray, While I speak of fashion and style of today; If you will notice, kind hearts it will beguile, To keep ...Rate it

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Northern Farmer: New Style
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Dosn't thou 'ear my 'erse's legs, as they canters awaäy? Proputty, proputty, proputty--that's what I 'ears 'em saäy. Proputty, proputty, pr...Rate it

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Northern Farmer: Old Style
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Wheer 'asta beän saw long and meä liggin' 'ere aloän? Noorse? thoort nowt o' a noorse: whoy, Doctor's abeän an' agoän; Says that I moänt 'a...Rate it

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Rain (Tyburn, this is the style. See my comments)
Ellen Eaton
I love To hear The sound Of rain Whether it be a violent storm Or falling soft in more gentle form Rate it

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Sonnet 69: Oh Joy, Too High For My Low Style
Sir Philip Sidney
Oh joy, too high for my low style to show: Oh bliss, fit for a nobler state than me: Envy, put out thine eyes, lest thou do see What oceans of d...Rate it

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Staff Nurse: New Style
William Ernest Henley
Blue-eyed and bright of face but waning fast Into the sere of virginal decay, I view her as she enters, day by day, As a sweet sunset almost overpa...Rate it

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Staff Nurse:Old Style
William Ernest Henley
The greater masters of the commonplace, REMBRANDT and good SIR WALTER-only these Could paint her all to you: experienced ease And antique livelines...Rate it

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The Virtuoso: In Imitation of Spenser's Style And Stanza
Mark Akenside
“--- Videmus Nugari solitos.” -Persius Whilom by silver Thames's gentle stream, In London town there dwelt a subtile wight; A wight of mickle wea...Rate it

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Witchcraft: New Style
Lascelles Abercrombie
The sun drew off at last his piercing fires. Over the stale warm air, dull as a pond And moveless in the grey quieted street, Blue magic of a summe...Rate it

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