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For Spiritual Brothers and Sisters &All Human Race on Earth
Astghick Moradkhanians
It is essential putting loving God First in your life! Then, you will restore compassion, ...Rate it

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The spiritual duty of love
Jack Boyd
The time is coming when the stars will shine more brightly for the angels; hearts will glow with greater light, Christmas is their time to give the...Rate it

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Spiritual Rebirth
Kurt Philip Behm
The window open weathered and worn My soul releases —spirit reborn (Villanova Pennsylvania: January, 2014)Rate it

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A 'Zero' like Condition Spiritual Meditation.
Amir Samji
A 'Zero' like Condition Spiritual Meditation. Spiritual Meditation means in 'A Zero' like situation It takes years to reach pacific like 'A Calm' ...Rate it

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A Spiritual
Paul Laurence Dunbar
De 'cession's stahted on de gospel way, De Capting is a-drawin' nigh: Bettah stop a-foolin' an' a-try to pray; Lif' up yo' haid w'en de King go by!...Rate it

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A Spiritual Manifestation
John Greenleaf Whittier
To-day the plant by Williams set Its summer bloom discloses; The wilding sweethrier of his prayers Is crowned with cultured roses. Once more the I...Rate it

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A Spiritual Woman
David Herbert Lawrence
Close your eyes, my love, let me make you blind; They have taught you to see Only a mean arithmetic on the face of things, A cunning alg...Rate it

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God was there with you...(spiritual)
Charles Johnson
Sitting alone feeling that I had nothing good going for a while. I thought back upon the times of my past. And I kind of had to smile. Because many...Rate it

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L'Aube spirituelle (Spiritual Dawn)
Charles Baudelaire
Quand chez les débauchés l'aube blanche et vermeille Entre en société de l'Idéal rongeur, Par l'opération d'un mystère vengeur Dans la brute assoup...Rate it

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My Spiritual Self
Monica Harley
Everyday spirits of people follow me I hear them so much that no one can see How uncontrollable the sounds seem Without someone present my spirit i...Rate it

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Ocean of love (spiritual)
Charles Johnson
The love that I posses for you shall never die. You cared for me when I wasn't for sure why. I am humbled. You were there for me when my world crum...Rate it

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Our Spiritual Vacuum
Kurt Philip Behm
Is God a deficiency in our character or makeup Do we fill in the vacuum with almighty tales of beyond Is the salvation we yearn for ther...Rate it

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Our Spiritual Vacuum
Kurt Philip Behm
Is God a deficiency in our character or makeup Do we fill in the vacuum with almighty tales of beyond Is the salvation we search for ther...Rate it

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Charles Johnson
It runs thru my veins like fire causing me to be tired. I'm weak now my circulation is poor. My articulation is unsure. The flow inside my soul has...Rate it

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Spiritual Education.
Robert Crawford
Within time's stress, amid the facts of life, Not in monastic solitudes, we find A way to that is higher than ourselves. Rate it

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Spiritual Exemplars
Wallace Dean LaBenne
People seem to lessen Animals advance People seem to worsen Animals enhance People harm anyone Dogs bark up a tree People often seek fun Dogs ofte...Rate it

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Spiritual Existence
Ian Sawicki
Beautiful sensual emotional sighs flicker on thighs as soft eyes apprise us of our love, delicately we roam sunrise, bird's songs hover on currents...Rate it

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Spiritual Eyes
Donald James Kirby Von Koehler
Spiritual Eyes Honor your commitment the one you made so many ages before you were aware, the one to be true to yourself and learn how to love and ...Rate it

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Spiritual healing
Jawahar Gupta
SPIRITUAL HEALING =============== Creative and elaborate Personal thoughts Roaming in the head Align like floating clouds And pour rain on paper Fo...Rate it

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Spiritual Imprison
George Walter Duszak
Spiritual Imprison cage rage upon within city pityRate it

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Spiritual Ladder
Matthew Pomeranz
Since a young child I kept love in my heart, Even though the world was against me, I never fell apart, Until one day I let myself get the best of m...Rate it

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Spiritual Laws
Ralph Waldo Emerson
The living Heaven thy prayers respect, House at once and architect, Quarrying man's rejected hours, Builds therewith eternal towers; Sole and self-...Rate it

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Spiritual Love
Alfred Austin
Could you but give me all that I desire, I should be richer, and you no more poor, Companionship beside the household fire, And common cares that t...Rate it

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Spiritual Machines
Spiritual machines Fluid dynamic streams Transcending biological dreams Through nanomanufacturing It's all just flesh and blood Flesh and blo...Rate it

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Spiritual Masturbation – Who is left in the room, a Monk or a Gangster ?
Anup Dutta
http://birdscry.wordpress.com/2014/06/14/spiritual-masturbation-who-is-left-in-the-room-a-monk-or-a-gangster/ Authored by: Anup D.Rate it

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