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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Obscured the sun, the world is dark; Maid of Orleans, Joan of Arc, Send down thy spark. Let every heart in France be stirred, By such an all-compe...Rate it

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Speak To Interpret
Ehsan Sehgal
I saw You holding my hands In your hands, In a dream this night It fragrances my heart and mind It was only a dream What shall happen, When Y...Rate it

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I Speak Not, I Trace Not, I Breathe Not Thy Name
George Gordon Lord Byron
I speak not, I trace not, I breathe not thy name; There is grief in the sound, there is guilt in the fame; But the tear that now burns on my cheek ...Rate it

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Speak of the North! A Lonely Moor
Charlotte Brontë
Speak of the North! A lonely moor Silent and dark and tractless swells, The waves of some wild streamlet pour Hurriedly through its ferny dells. P...Rate it

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The Young Dead Soldiers Do Not Speak
Archibald MacLeish
The young dead soldiers do not speak. Nevertheless, they are heard in the still houses: who has not heard them? They have a silence that speak...Rate it

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Speak Now For Peace
Vachel Lindsay
Lady of Light, and our best woman, and queen, Stand now for peace, (though anger breaks your heart), Though naught but smoke and flame and drowning...Rate it

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After You Speak
Edward Thomas
After you speak And what you meant Is plain, My eyes Meet yours that mean, With your cheeks and hair, Something more wise, More dark, And far diffe...Rate it

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Let The Cherry Tree Speak For Me
Nobody Nose
I am without words Deceived, defeated Misunderstood by said Lexicon Which refuses my thoughts Of Love for Brigid To help me convey the messag...Rate it

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Jersei Depew
Actions speak louder than words This is a night I will never forget You did these things on purpose Sometimes I wish you heard What was going throu...Rate it

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As You Speak
Kurt Philip Behm
Your audience may not be able to listen, in the fashion that you speak Your readers may not be able to discern, those meanings that you preach...Rate it

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Blues Speak
Kurt Philip Behm
Bend that reed, Stretch that chord, Split that vowel, —drive home the word (Villanova Pennsylvania: June, 2017)Rate it

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Hear Then Speak
Kurt Philip Behm
Hear, Before speaking the words Unwritten Speak, After writing the words Unheard (Villanova Pennsylvania: March, 2014)Rate it

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How does Love speak?
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
In the faint flush upon the tell-tale cheek, And in the pallor that succeeds it; by The quivering lid of an averted eye - The smile that proves the...Rate it

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I have a King, who does not speak
Emily Dickinson
I have a King, who does not speak— So—wondering—thro' the hours meek I trudge the day away— Half glad when it is night, and sleep, If, haply, thro'...Rate it

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I speak yet am I silent
Sant Tukaram
I speak, Yet am I silent: I am dead, Yet do I live: I am in the world, Yet do I dwell beyond the world: I have surrendered all things, yet am I r...Rate it

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Krishna Beginning To Speak
Sant Surdas
Mohan's begun to say 'Maiya Maiya,' And 'Baba Baba' to Nanda, Balaram He's calling 'baiya' From atop the house Yasoda shouts Taking the name of kan...Rate it

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Love, Dearest Lady, Such As I Would Speak
Thomas Hood
Love, dearest Lady, such as I would speak, Lives not within the humor of the eye;— Not being but an outward phantasy, That skims the surface of ...Rate it

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Modern Love XXXIV: Madam Would Speak With Me
George Meredith
Madam would speak with me. So, now it comes: The Deluge or else Fire! She's well, she thanks My husbandship. Our chain on silence clanks. Time leer...Rate it

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My Silence Will Speak To You
Nikhil Parekh
Never ever would I cause you the most inconspicuous of harm; if you preferred to relinquish every ounce of your life for a complete stranger; whils...Rate it

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No Chance For Time To Speak
Nikhil Parekh
We hardly had the time; to know each other's name; the fraternity of religion that the tyrannically conventional society had maliciously placed us ...Rate it

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Sonnet 6: Some Lovers Speak
Sir Philip Sidney
Some lovers speak when they their Muses entertain, Of hopes begot by fear, of wot not what desires: Of force of heav'nly beams, infusing hellish ...Rate it

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Sonnet VI: Some Lovers Speak
Sir Philip Sidney
Some lovers speak when they their Muses entertain, Of hopes begot by fear, of wot not what desires: Of force of heav'nly beams, infusing hellish ...Rate it

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Sonnet XLI: Why Do I Speak of Joy
Michael Drayton
Love's Lunacy Why do I speak of joy, or write of love, When my heart is the very den of horror, And in my soul the pains of Hell I prove, With ...Rate it

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Speak Gently
David Bates
Speak gently! -- It is better far To rule by love, than fear -- Speak gently -- let not harsh words mar The good we might do he...Rate it

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Speak light
Mark cloutier
Speak light Let it be heard Throughout the night Let the sun fall And the stars rise As the moon covers us As we sleep in the day And bathe ourselv...Rate it

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