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South: The Name of Home
Alice Walker
i all that night I prayed for eyes to see again whose last sight had been a broken bottle held negligently in a racist fist God give us tr...Rate it

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A Cry from South Africa
James Montgomery
On building a chapel at Cape Town, for the Negro slaves of the colony, in 1828. Afric, from her remotest strand, Lifts to high heaven one fetter'...Rate it

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A South Wind—has a pathos
Emily Dickinson
A South Wind—has a pathos Of individual Voice— As One detect on Landings An Emigrant's address. A Hint of Ports and Peoples— And much not understo...Rate it

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A South-Sea Islander
Francis William Lauderdale Adams
ALOLL in the warm clear water, On her back with languorous limbs, She lies. The baby upon her breasts Paddles and falls and swims. With half-closed...Rate it

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A South-Sea Islander.
Francis William Lauderdale Adams
Aloll in the warm clear water, On her back with languorous limbs, She lies. The baby upon her breasts Paddles and falls and swims. With half-cl...Rate it

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Away Down South In The Land of Traitors
Anonymous Americas
Away down South in the land of traitors, Rattlesnakes and alligators, Right away, come away, right away, come away. Where cotton's king and men are...Rate it

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Bonnie New South Wales
Henry Lawson
It surely cannot be too soon, and never is too late, It tones with all Australia’s tune to praise one’s native State, And so I bring an old refrain...Rate it

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Down South
Brown afternoons, the heat overbearing asphalt sizzling beneath bare feet swearing the Sun stretching, to blind out the breeze can't see it coming,...Rate it

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Epitaph in a Church-Yard in Charleston, South Carolina
Amy Lowell

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Faint With Love, The Lady Of The South
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Faint with love, the Lady of the South Lay in the paradise of Lebanon Under a heaven of cedar boughs: the drouth Of love was on her lips; the light...Rate it

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Go West, Young Man (or north, or east, or south)
Brian Spivey
I've a story for you I swear that it's true It's about the queer folk in the town where I grew There's old Willie McFee Who one day swallowed a bee...Rate it

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In South Carolina
Kimbrely Gunter
The weather outside is sunny And we really need your money. It has now been an hour And the weather has turned sour. It's a great day in South Caro...Rate it

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In The South
James Whitcomb Riley
There is a princess in the South About whose beauty rumors hum Like honey-bees about the mouth Of roses dewdrops falter from; And O her hair is lik...Rate it

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In the South Pacific
Mary Hannay Foott
A vision of a savage land, A glimpse of cloud-ringed seas; A moonlit deck, a murderous hand; No more, no more of these! No more! how heals the ten...Rate it

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Letter From A Missionary Of The Methodist Episcopal Church South, In Kansas, To A Distinguished Politician. Douglas Mission 1854.
John Greenleaf Whittier
LAST week — the Lord be praised for all His mercies To His unworthy servant! — I arrived Safe at the Mission, via Westport; where I tarried over ni...Rate it

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Limerick: There was an Old Man of the South
Edward Lear
There was an Old Man of the South, Who had an immederate mouth; But in swallowing a dish, That was quite full of fish, He was choked, that Old Man ...Rate it

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Lines of South Scotland
James McIntyre
The South of Scotland did produce Heroic Wallace and the Bruce, And even time will never blot The record of her Burns and Scott, And Tannahil renow...Rate it

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Mariana In The South
Alfred Lord Tennyson
With one black shadow at its feet, The house thro' all the level shines, Close-latticed to the brooding heat, And silent in its dusty...Rate it

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Moonlight North and South
Robert Fuller Murray
Love, we have heard together The North Sea sing his tune, And felt the wind's wild feather Brush past our cheeks at noon, And seen the cloudy weath...Rate it

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North And South
James Whitcomb Riley
Of the North I wove a dream, All bespangled with the gleam Of the glancing wings of swallows Dipping ripples in a stream, That, like a tide of wine...Rate it

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North and South
Claude McKay
O sweet are tropic lands for waking dreams! There time and life move lazily along. There by the banks of blue-and-silver streams Grass-sheltered...Rate it

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On a Proposed Trip South
William Carlos Williams
They tell me on the morrow I must leave This winter eyrie for a southern flight And truth to tell I tremble with delight At thought of such unhe...Rate it

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On the South Downs
Francis William Bourdillon
Light falls the rain On link and laine, After the burning day; And the bright scene, Blue, gold, and green, Is blotted out in gray. Not so w...Rate it

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Poem Heading South
Robert Haigh
This poem is heading south As it drips down the page Letters pool into words But they make little sense Ideas and emotions All swirl around my hea...Rate it

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Sonnet V. To The South Downs
Charlotte Smith
AH! hills beloved!--where once, a happy child, Your beechen shades, 'your turf, your flowers among,' I wove your blue-bells into garlands wild, And...Rate it

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