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Young greek solitary
If such be the will of the God on Earth without needing to sing the praises of Zeus today I... I will walk all day on the Earth. And...Rate it

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The Solitary Reaper
William Wordsworth
Behold her, single in the field, Yon solitary Highland Lass! Reaping and singing by herself; Stop here, or gently pass! Alone s...Rate it

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The Solitary Woodsman
Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts
When the grey lake-water rushes Past the dripping alder-bushes, And the bodeful autumn wind In the fir-tree weeps and hushes, -- Whe...Rate it

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Blossing Of The Solitary Date-Tree, The
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Beneath the blaze of a tropical sun the mountain peaks are the Thrones of Frost, through the absence of objects to reflect the rays. `What no one w...Rate it

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Four Trees—upon a solitary Acre
Emily Dickinson
Four Trees—upon a solitary Acre— Without Design Or Order, or Apparent Action— Maintain— The Sun—upon a Morning meets them— The Wind— No nearer Nei...Rate it

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In My Solitary Hours in My Dear Husband his Absence
Anne Bradstreet
O Lord, Thou hear'st my daily moan And see'st my dropping tears. My troubles all are Thee before, My longings and my fears. Thou hitherto hast ...Rate it

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On Seeing a Solitary Red Leaf on August 2.
Dave Tyler
There you were my friend, on this fire-roasted and steam-cooked Monday already standing alone Like that new girl in high school with the pink hair ...Rate it

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Que diras-tu ce soir, pauvre âme solitaire (What Will You Say Tonight, Poor Solitary Soul)
Charles Baudelaire
Que diras-tu ce soir, pauvre âme solitaire, Que diras-tu, mon coeur, coeur autrefois flétri, À la très belle, à la très bonne, à la très chère, Don...Rate it

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Solitary - A Cinquain
Marlo Irene Hill
On shore Barren, alone I tread through sand, feet sore No other footprints save my own I roam. Rate it

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Solitary bird
stan brierly
He stands there in the pouring rain, Black and erect its there he'll remain, In no hurry the shower touching plumes, On his own its nature he consu...Rate it

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Solitary Confinement
Frederick William (FW) Harvey
No mortal comes to visit me to-day, Only the gay and early-rising Sun Who strolled in nonchalantly, just to say, ' Good morrow, and despair no...Rate it

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Solitary Heart
John Blackman
Solitary heart So protected So bound Solitary heart So protected Can't be found Love knows no bounds Love finds what's lost Solitary heart It se...Rate it

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Solitary Observation Brought Back from a Sojourn in Hell
Louise Bogan
At midnight tears Run in your ears. Rate it

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Solitary Rendezvous
Jake Swarbrook
Is it North? Is it West? The point where I must go, The heat which once endured me has left from head to toe, But sweat drops from my head whilst I...Rate it

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The Blossing Of The Solitary Date-Tree
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Beneath the blaze of a tropical sun the mountain peaks are the Thrones of Frost, through the absence of objects to reflect the rays. `What no one w...Rate it

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The Blossoming Of The Solitary Date-Tree. A Lament
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
I. Beneath the blaze of a tropical sun the mountain peaks are the Thrones of Frost, through the absence of objects to reflect the rays. 'What no on...Rate it

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The Solitary
Robert Fuller Murray
I have been lonely all my days on earth, Living a life within my secret soul, With mine own springs of sorrow and of mirth, Beyond the world's cont...Rate it

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The Solitary
Percy Bysshe Shelley
I. Dar’st thou amid the varied multitude To live alone, an isolated thing? To see the busy beings round thee spring, And care for none; in thy calm...Rate it

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The Solitary Lyre
George Darley
Wherefore, unlaurell'd Boy, Whom the contemptuous Muse will not inspire, With a sad kind of joy Still sing'st thou to thy solitary lyre? The melan...Rate it

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The Solitary’s Wine
Charles Baudelaire
A flirtatious woman’s singular gaze as she slithers towards you, like the white rays the vibrant moon throws on the trembling sea where she wishes ...Rate it

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Title of Poem## 2011-THE SOLITARY SENSATION ##
Satya Pattnaik
To me at the stroke of the mid-night it came Laying a kiss on my forehead it uttered Farewell O Farewell!! Quite busy I was though for the homeco...Rate it

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To A Solitary Disciple, After William Carlos Williams
Damon Freed
Rather notice the hidden Purples and blues in the green Grass. Rather notice the salmon behind The grey-brown bark of the River Birch. Notice the...Rate it

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Verses, Supposed To Be Written By Alexander Selkirk During His Solitary Abode In The Island Of Juan Fernandez
William Cowper
I am monarch of all I survey; My right there is none to dispute; From the centre all round to the sea I am lord of the fowl and the brute O Sol...Rate it

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