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Whene'er I See Those Smiling Eyes
Thomas Moore
Whene'er I see those smiling eyes, So full of hope, and joy, and light, As if no cloud could ever rise, To dim a heaven so purely bright -- I s...Rate it

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Are you Smiling
Alexa Klippel
The time has come It has comeTo adress How much There is left Left for me And for you Look out the window what do you think Has it been fast or fr...Rate it

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I See You Smiling
Dr Zik
My pangs are although gigantic I see you smiling Sun shining, the moon reflecting Your blessings, my Lord!Rate it

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keep smiling children
Gautam Gigoo
oh children you are smiling face of god he has send you to your blessed parents they takecare of you love you from soul you are innocent and bright...Rate it

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Lincoln's still smiling
Nate S.
Middle aged, mind folded To the right. I’ve mismatched my head & my heart. Uptight. My head is thumping & my heart is thinking. Wait, maybe it’s to...Rate it

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Saw You Smiling
Sandra Meadows
The morning was so alive with possibilities. Love was felt in every direction. Sweet orchestrated melodies were playing. Happiness caught you by th...Rate it

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Sit Smiling
Rabindranath Tagore
I boasted among men that I had known you. They see your pictures in all works of mine. They come and ask me, `Who is he?' I know not how to answ...Rate it

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Smiling back from Coronation
Emily Dickinson
Smiling back from Coronation May be Luxury— On the Heads that started with us— Being's Peasantry— Recognizing in Procession Ones We former knew— W...Rate it

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The smiling slopes with olive groves bedecked
Alfred Austin
`The smiling slopes with olive groves bedecked, Now darkly green, now, as the breeze did stir, Spectral and white, as though the air were flecked W...Rate it

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What a success; a milestone achieved in life; keep smiling
Amir Samji
Just remember; this is an end of beginning It is not an end of thinking & augmenting Don't worry; will continue; just calculating After that soon o...Rate it

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