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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Smile a little, smile a little, As you go along, Not alone when life is pleasant, But when things go wrong. Care delights to see you frowning,...Rate it

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Brown Sketchys
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Larry Covington
Vibrant waves of cerulean tinted rhythms Tapping my feet in asymmetrical rhyme Goose bumped skin flushed by favor Given freely to surveyors of the...Rate it

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My Smiles
Ehsan Sehgal
The result of love meeting Became a burden of waiting Since someone left, Taking my smiles, And leaving loneliness, For me, forever A stranger ta...Rate it

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Smiles from the outside
Secret writer
When we cry A little of us die From the inside She may smile From the outside But she's not fine Masks we wear Are crumbling to dust Her brown ...Rate it

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A Child Smiles
Nikhil Parekh
Only in a world of freedom, Can a child unfold and bloom. Only with the Sun piercing right through the dark hut, Can a child see the wonderful s...Rate it

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Across The Smiles
Ian Sawicki
O' woman; goddess of imagination, let the dreams of love enfold whilst we fly across the smiles, the frowns that capture us. And when we are high i...Rate it

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An Oscar in Faking Smiles
Sachit Malik
An Oscar In Faking Smiles! The black sun will shine in my sky, if you ever leave me! each day i would cry, There wouldn't be any happiness, no ch...Rate it

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Behind Smiles
flash the curve. that smile on your face. hide the blues. hide your secret days. fake a laugh try to joke around. if you do so, your cloudy w...Rate it

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bless you smiles
Gautam Gigoo
bless you bless you all smiles you live long healthy life dear parents we love you from heart soul of god you are never be sad because we want to s...Rate it

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Blushes Sweep Smiles
Ian Sawicki
The future grins in anticipation of a poet's wings to spread wild verse, a rhythmic flap of generosity works its wondrous way towards wisdom's welc...Rate it

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Dimple is your temple of ample lovely SMILES
Herbert Guitang
Dimple is your temple of ample lovely SMILES It is like a beautiful gift within your cheek It is like a rainbow after your rain with gladne...Rate it

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Eternity Smiles
Kurt Philip Behm
Caught in the same web of insecurity —we write To ease the pain, to emancipate the joy —speaking truth to our doubts Freeing them upon...Rate it

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Fortune Smiles
Thomas Dekker
Fortune smiles, cry holiday, Dimples on her cheeks do dwell, Fortune frowns, cry welladay, Her love is heaven, her hate is hell: Since heaven and h...Rate it

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Fragment : What Mary Is When She A Little Smiles
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Adapted From The Vita Nuova Of Dante. What Mary is when she a little smiles I cannot even tell or call to mind, It is a miracle so new, so rare. ...Rate it

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Granny Smiles
I sit in front of my window Waiting for Granny to come She always tells me stories We always have a lot of fun The door opens slowly creaking I see...Rate it

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Grim Smiles ( Happy Halloween!)
Angela Neon Garcia
Sack of sweets for that trick or treat Get you, get you, out with the elite He has no class, caped bishy bishy boy Stilletoes of cut glass, pretty ...Rate it

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Her smile was shaped like other smiles
Emily Dickinson
Her smile was shaped like other smiles— The Dimples ran along— And still it hurt you, as some Bird Did hoist herself, to sing, Then recollect a Bal...Rate it

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Laughter and Smiles
Bill E Downing
So tell me this which is better a smile or a laugh? Can a smile change my whole day? Is laughter able to cheer me up? Always? Can you have one with...Rate it

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Metamorphic Smiles
Ian Sawicki
Competitive activity explodes the intellect while realms of notions shift, colours swirl ability as twisted sanity splashes puddles of pursuit - th...Rate it

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Moon smiles
Satya Pattnaik
Moon smiled at me Show me the black wound Of its snow white body And said you see I pained Despite, with pleasure I bloom everyday Like an eternal ...Rate it

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Singing for Smiles
Anthony Salin
I'll sing to you 24 Hours a day as long as it puts a smile on your face, but I don't want to embarrass you on this alternative to MySpace. If feeli...Rate it

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Dew drops, flower tops Anticipate Darkness gone Among the timber and the blades Where soft violins slip forth Of cricket chirp symphonies at play ...Rate it

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Smiles for Miles
Carly Swenson
Words are often hard to find to explain things right It's like they're deep inside, hidden from sight Sometimes words aren't enough to express a fe...Rate it

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Song X. - The lovely Delia smiles again!
William Shenstone
The lovely Delia smiles again! That killing frown has left her brow; Can she forgive my jealous pain, And give me back my angry vow? Love is an Ap...Rate it

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