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Wallace Dean LaBenne
Bondage to beliefs that differ from fact is a style of slavery that betrays the act. Bondage to routines that differ from right is a style of slav...Rate it

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Abolition Of Slavery In The District Of Columbia, 1862
John Greenleaf Whittier
When first I saw our banner wave Above the nation's council-hall, I heard beneath its marble wall The clanking fetters of the slave! In the foul ma...Rate it

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Bible Defense Of Slavery
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
Take sackcloth of the darkest dye, And shroud the pulpits round! Servants of Him that cannot lie, Sit mourning on the ground. Let holy horr...Rate it

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Dreaming Of Freedom(A poem of a slave wanting slavery to end.)
WeeklyMan TV
My eyes open to the dawning of the sun, My body shuts off like the passing of the sun; My back ackes of pain, I cry inhumanily... To be treated be...Rate it

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Fling Out The Anti Slavery Flag
Anonymous Americas
Fling out the Anti-slavery flag On every swelling breeze; And let its folds wave o'er the land, And o'er the raging seas, Till all beneath the stan...Rate it

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On Liberty And Slavery
George Moses Horton
Alas! and am I born for this, To wear this slavish chain? Deprived of all created bliss, Through hardship, toil and pain! How long have I in b...Rate it

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Plastic Slavery
Shatana Brown
Slavery thought it was over centuries ago still continues on in the 21st century only in a different way, everyone's master, a rectangular piece of...Rate it

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Road taken to stop slavery....
Helena von Habsburg / Miskovic /
White scrub dress and a Stethoscope wrapped around her neck, floating around the hospital like a fairy... Around a row of beds appearing like a ...Rate it

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Slavery of self
Kerri Hutchins
Heart attack and stroke from drugs you smoke You think lifes a game you think jails a joke Your gonna kill yourself you already got tha rope Your...Rate it

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The Death of Slavery
William Cullen Bryant
O THOU great Wrong, that, through the slow-paced years, Didst hold thy millions fettered, and didst wield The scourge that drove the laborer to the...Rate it

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The Mental Slavery
Ehsan Sehgal
It does not make me surprise That if the Westerners And mostly English authors Who have influenced On the third world people But it is the surprise...Rate it

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The Slavery Of Greece
George Canning
Unrivall'd Greece! thou ever honor'd name, Thou nurse of heroes dear to deathless fame! Though now to worth, to honor all unknown, Thy lustre faded...Rate it

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