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Christopher David Mears
Shooting stars, may last forever, although, we know, that they do, fade away soon. Unlike you and I,                               that sh...Rate it

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Shooting Stars
Amber Caillouet
Two shooting stars streak across the night sky. They shine brighter than the sun As they fall down, down, down.Rate it

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Connecticut School Shooting
Brandy Pryor
Why do we have to worry or live in constant fear, As our children attend school year after year. Who can be so heartless,to play out such a murde...Rate it

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Ride The Shooting Star
Donald James Kirby Von Koehler
Ride The Shooting Star I gravitate towards the positive I learn each day what's Right, Spinning my wheels in reverse really got me nowhere fast. I ...Rate it

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Shooting at Elementary School stunned the Nation
Amir Samji
Shooting at Elementary School stunned the Nation Shooting at Elementary School stunned the Nation Because of it; in pain & suffering is whole nati...Rate it

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shooting from the lip
shot to the heart you didn't need a gun just killer words...spat like bullets I SWEAR...blue smoke curled from the corner of your mouthRate it

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Shooting Season
Robinson Jeffers
IN THE NORTH OF SCOTLAND The whole countryside deployed on the hills of heather, an army with banners, The beaters whoop the grouse to the butts. T...Rate it

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Shooting Star
Alanna LaCour
Oh, my shooting star. You fell into my heart. Tear of the moon.Rate it

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Will you marry me........yes i lift you ...fly......to saturn....which ring do you want laughing..you choose the one flowing with ice particles a ...Rate it

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Shooting Star
Jean Philippe Gibson
Falling Stars are beautiful to the eye But no one can feel the flaming inferno burning inside Everything is slowly disintegrating into ashes All of...Rate it

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The Pigeon Shooting
Robert William Service
They say that Monte Carlo is A sunny place for shady people; But I'm not in the gambling biz, And sober as a parish steeple. so though this paradis...Rate it

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The Shooting Of Dan McGrew
Robert William Service
A bunch of the boys were whooping it up in the Malamute saloon; The kid that handles the music-box was hitting a jag-time tune; Back of the bar, in...Rate it

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What a Shooting Star Haiku (Poem No.547)
Ging Alburo D.
You said I'm to blame You got me into trouble What a shooting star! By Ms. Ging 023-13Rate it

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