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Admixtures Shape Our Lives
Wallace Dean LaBenne
Our genetics shape our lives in a foregone conclusion. This fated supremacy rules all human infusion. Our environs shape our lives in a fostering m...Rate it

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Attitudes shape up the direction of life
Amir Samji
Attitudes Attitudes shape up the direction of life If it is in you, it will change your life. Otherwise, you're a loser no one admires Be wise, ch...Rate it

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Folded Into A Shape
Ian Sawicki
And there she was looking like a wild dream, no flames reached my mind but her head was fire, never in all my years have I been so easily folded in...Rate it

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I think just how my shape will rise
Emily Dickinson
I think just how my shape will rise— When I shall be "forgiven"— Till Hair—and Eyes—and timid Head— Are out of sight—in Heaven— I think just how m...Rate it

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Shape Of My Memories
Bobby Ferguson
Shape of where your picture hung still seen on my wall, Even though I took it down that shape is where my eyes fall. I love shapes that move aroun...Rate it

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Shape of your heart
Karolina Marszałkowska
What shape has your heart? Do you know it's beat? I listen mine when we're apart And also while we greet It's a strong sound Just like my love fo...Rate it

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The Crazy Shape Of Love
Spill ink and twist me into the crazy shape of love as I chase the day's madness. Gather up the quiet folds which slip in the unique spirit; high w...Rate it

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The shape of things to come
THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME Your carbon footprint is too big If you are in a hole please don’t dig Just take a reduction in that you use We could...Rate it

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Thoughts On The Shape Of The Human Body
Rupert Brooke
How can we find? how can we rest? how can We, being gods, win joy, or peace, being man? We, the gaunt zanies of a witless Fate, Who love the unlov...Rate it

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When I by Thy Faire Shape Did Sweare
Richard Lovelace
I. When I by thy faire shape did sweare, And mingled with each vowe a teare, I lov'd, I lov'd thee best, I swore as I profest. For all the whi...Rate it

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