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death follows me closely while life retreats into shadows shunning gnarled fingers of winters hand my heart palpitates a lonesome song a pondera...Rate it

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Nikhil Parekh
Dominating its presence right since birth, in sunlight, moonshine, and artificial light, pitch dark in color at all instants of time, sewn perpe...Rate it

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eliseo guerrero cervantes
Your naked projection that is cast In the screen of squirming paint dots Is like the primordial Goliath. The umbra ignites the fire of distaste Aga...Rate it

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Ehsan Sehgal
I often have been thinking; My shadow is in me Or I am in my shadow? Whenever I realize The answer lands Upon my thoughts that, If I am In the ra...Rate it

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Guillaume Apollinaire
Here you are beside me again Memories of my companions killed in the war The olive-branch of time Memories that make only a single memory As a hund...Rate it

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Life is Like a Shadow
Life is like a shadow. It follows behind you, Old age catches you, It stretches, It shrinks. Cute as a rabbit, Innocent like a butterfly, Scary as ...Rate it

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the shadow that guides me
beau ashley
as i walk upon life's shore.. i catch a glimps of a flitting shadow, it stays ahead in the oceans roar, sends thoughts of peaceful meadows. troub...Rate it

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Falling Over a Shadow
Lying in bed covered in a soft silk sheet Under the night sky’s cold breeze She’s caught up with that man’s shadow She’s losing her mind as swift a...Rate it

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"The Shadow of Darkness"
Eric Selorio
"The Shadow of Darkness" I'm living behind my dark shadows Challenged by the past untold Yet nobody really knows The sadness within me ...Rate it

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A journey through the shadow
Karolina Marszałkowska
Now finally there is nothing more Just this mist covering whole world Mist made from a shade everyone knows Just so we know that ending is close F...Rate it

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A Lecture Upon The Shadow
John Donne
Stand still, and I will read to thee A lecture, love, in love's philosophy. These three hours that we have spent, Walking here, two shadows...Rate it

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A shadow
Satya Pattnaik
A shadow Stepped out of me A group of black balloons Followed it In the sands of time Leaving carelessly The footprints Sun brighten up above L...Rate it

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A Shadow
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
I said unto myself, if I were dead, What would befall these children? What would be Their fate, who now are looking up to me For help and furtheran...Rate it

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A Shadow among shadows
Doina MM
A shadow among shadows, My glance, No longer touches others. It crosses, and searches Further away, For I struggle To not exist much longer, To not...Rate it

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A shadow in the dark
akio yamoto
A shadow in the dark was what I saw as I looked in the dark sky I saw my past reflecting shadows reflecting my flaws. I saw my shadow as it sat...Rate it

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(D)Dyrotha Todd

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A Shadow of the Night
Thomas Bailey Aldrich
Close on the edge of a midsummer dawn In troubled dreams I went from land to land, Each seven-colored like the rainbow's arc, Regions where never f...Rate it

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A Shadow Of Your Smile
Mario Vitale
To reach with both hands into the day a humble need to bow the knee to pray laughter, smiles & love Illumination You sought a solution from th...Rate it

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A Shadow.
Sophie M Almon Hensley
The world to-day is radiant, as I ne'er Could picture it in wildest dreaming, when For long, long hours I lay in flowery glen Or wooded copse, and ...Rate it

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A walk through the shadow of the valley of death
Jet Rood
Help a voice cried I wondered where it came from everywhere I looked darkness was around except for one point there was a glimmer a fair bright gla...Rate it

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Albert's Shadow
Kurt Philip Behm
In his science he wrestled With my verse just the same As his numbers refigured The words I renamed Two roads to one place Distant w...Rate it

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Angel Shadow
Diane Walat
Angel Shadow Everybody has a guardian angel that they can not see. The more I think about this the more it occurs to me. We also have a shadow that...Rate it

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Beyond The Shadow
Augusta Davies Webster
SOME quick kind tears, some easy sorrow, And then 'tis past. 'Twas sad; yet sadness has its morrow; Blue skies succeed skies overcast: Why should g...Rate it

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Bleak shadow of my past
Frank Real
I had spent life for so long a wanderer Following an uncharted road to nowhere Searching for that unknown somewhere Hoping that love will be waitin...Rate it

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Blue shadow
Ben Jie
There are lots of gold but they shimmer within the blue shadow. Why have their shiny surfaces do nothing to relieve this strange dark? There’s fire...Rate it

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