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Robert William Service
If on water and sweet bread Seven years I'll add to life, For me will no blood be shed, No lamb know the evil knife; Excellently will I dine On a c...Rate it

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Seven Sellers
Trevor McLeod
Seven sellers selling scissors sold six feet apart Selling scissors some would say kept them running smart When seven shoppers started strolling s...Rate it

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Canto XLIX: For the Seven Lakes
Ezra Pound
For the seven lakes, and by no man these verses: Rain; empty river; a voyage, Fire from frozen cloud, heavy rain in the twilight Under the cabin ro...Rate it

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In The Seven Woods
William Butler Yeats
I HAVE heard the pigeons of the Seven Woods Make their faint thunder, and the garden bees Hum in the lime-tree flowers; and put away The unavailing...Rate it

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A Few Lines On Completing Forty-Seven.
Thomas Hood
When I reflect with serious sense, While years and years run on, How soon I may be summoned hence - There's cook a-calling John. Our lives are ...Rate it

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A Seven-Year Love
Kurt Philip Behm
Wanting you, knowing I couldn’t have you I called the devil my friend as he surrendered the key The lock to your heart reopening, the hourglass tur...Rate it

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At Seven Life Is Heaven
Wallace Dean LaBenne
At seven life is heaven with no sorrows or woe. Reality is playtime by lad-winged Cupid's bow. At seven life is heaven with no dreads or regret. Pu...Rate it

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Bulb Photography (Seven Capricious Hours)
Xiaoyuan Yin
Bulb Photography (Seven Capricious Hours) By Xiaoyuan Yin 【Streams】 Just wait for the marshmallow to melt… Foggy murmurs, derive from retrograde...Rate it

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Chapter 9 - The Seven Selves
Khalil Gibran
In the stillest hour of the night, as I lay half asleep, my seven selves sat together and thus conversed in whisper: First Self: Here, in this mad...Rate it

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Confessio Amantis - Tales Of The Seven Deadly Sins, 1330-1408 A.D. - Prologus
John Gower
Torpor, ebes sensus, scola parua labor minimusque Causant quo minimus ipse minora canam: Qua tamen Engisti lingua canit Insula Bruti Anglica Carmen...Rate it

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Cypher Seven
Henry Lawson
The nearer camp fires lighted, The distant beacons bright— The horsemen on the skyline Are closing in to-night! My brothers, Oh my brothers! Lie do...Rate it

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Dedicated to Mothers of Seven
Jean B. Truesdale
The oatmeal's running over, The lunches still aren't made, The shoes Pat wore the night before They aren't where they were laid. A button popped of...Rate it

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From Four Till Seven
Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva
Like in a mirror, there's shade in the heart I'm bored alone - and with men… Slowly drags the light of the day From four till seven! Everybody is c...Rate it

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On One Stone Shall Be Seven Eyes
John Newton
Jesus Christ, the Lord's anointed, Who his blood for sinners spilt; Is the Stone by God appointed, And the church is on him built: He delivers all ...Rate it

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One Hundred And Twenty-Seven Days
Chris Curasi
Sent down by higher authority guilty as charged low self-esteem hitting rock bottom fasiciousness over ruled by rules my hands bound by shiny steel...Rate it

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One In Seven Left Our Shores
Phylip G Barker
One in seven risk all for the course The Japanese fought hard and lowered their honor By killing all they had captured The trails of valor the Aust...Rate it

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Only Seven
Katherine Rodgers
Only seven is all I was able to have But they were seven very special and dear Each one has a special place in my heart Be they far away or near We...Rate it

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Saw You On The Subway At Seven In The Morning
Jason Mui
i saw you on the subway at seven in the morning you had on a red dress a necklace and your shoes were orange twirling your hair and smiling at ever...Rate it

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Seven Billion You
Devil Poet
A dad from a dad from a dad a dad. A mom from a mom from a mom a mom. Who is dad Who is mom a journey from adam to you now seven billion you. ...Rate it

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Seven Days
Gabriel Shays
Monday, No work to be found Tuesday, can’t get no where in this town Wednesday, think I’ll take that bottle down Thursday, maybe I’ll get me a gun ...Rate it

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Seven Deadly Sins
Wallace Dean LaBenne
If you have a craving and restraint is caving, this is lust, the first deadly sin. If you have a divot and you're in a swivet, this is anger, the ...Rate it

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Seven principles of morality
Stay always aware of the truth of who you really are Respect always another's freedom of life, thought and expression Think only thoughts that ar...Rate it

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Seven Sins,
I'm not exactly the typical user, Nor am I as clean as a whistle, I'm not a morbid abuser, Nor as rough as a thistle. I'm a typical swine, Yet I'm...Rate it

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Seven Stars- A Peculiar Configuration
Nikhil Parekh
The celestial placid shape in the sky, Gains the shape of a question mark, To give vague and abstract clues, Depicting conventional meanings of ...Rate it

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Seven Watchmen
Rudyard Kipling
Seven Watchmen sitting in a tower, Watching what had come upon mankind, Showed the Man the Glory and the Power, And bade him shape the Kingdom to h...Rate it

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